Tuesday, October 30, 2012

League is our Guy

Ned Colletti made a bold signing today for the Dodgers.  He gave relief pitcher Brandon League a 3 year, 22.5 million dollar deal.  Big money for a relief pitcher.  League pitched well for the Dodgers last year after he was traded from Seattle to LA.

Brandon League had a 2.30 ERA with the Dodgers to go along with 8.9 strikeouts per 9 innings.  Those are solid numbers and his pitches have great movement.  The dip on his fastball is superb.  The problem is that he hasn't struck out that many hitters per 9 innings since he was a Blue Jay in 2009.

I hope he is one of those guys that has figured it out.  I have read that he fixed a mechanical flaw when he came to the Dodgers.  Maybe this gave new life to his pitches.  League is getting 22.5 million bucks to be the Dodgers closer.  Seventh inning guys don't get that type of cash.

League is the Dodgers guy to shut down games.

In honor of Brandon League's big contract, I decided to show some cards of some of my favorite Dodger relievers of the 2000s.

Being a relief pitcher is tough in the big leagues.  You may be entering a game with runners on base.  You may be coming in to close out a high pressure game.  If you screw up in a big moment, everyone will remember that.  You may be the last guy the fans see making a gaffe.

If you are a relief pitcher, gets two guys out in a seventh inning jam with runners on base, casual fans may not even know your name.  Casual fans may not know the 25 man roster so, the 19th or 20th man on the team may be anonymous to most fans.

Relief pitchers are the ones that have given he heart attacks.  They are also the one that give me thrills by punching out stiffs in a crucial situation.

Some guys like Hong-Chih Kuo hit home runs and make multiple comebacks after several surgeries.

Jeff Weaver is one of the greatest Dodgers of all time.  He pitched for the Dodgers as a starter in 2004 and 2005.  Weaver came back to the Dodgers in 2009 and 2010 after wasting his time as a Seattle Mariner.

Possibly, Weaver's best moment as a Dodger came in 2009 as a relief pitcher.  Weaver came into Game 1 of the NLDS against his former team the St.Louis Cardinals.  Weaver relieved starter Randy Wolf in the fourth inning and pitched out of a bases loaded jam.  The Dodgers would win that game 5-3 thanks to the crucial outs that Weaver got early in that game.

Joe Beimel was one of my favorite Dodger pitchers.  Beimel looked like a stoned caveman and was pretty good at pitching.  Pitching with your eye lids drooping takes an elite skill set.

Beimel was a pretty good lefty arm for the Dodgers in 2006 to 2008.  He was the odd player that became a fan favorite despite being a middle reliever.  That is tough to do.

Think about your favorite baseball team and try to remember a middle reliever who was a popular fan favorite.  Beimel even got a Dodger bobble head night that the fans voted on.  That is big time.

Takashi Saito was phenomenal as a Dodger closer.  Saito pitched in the same Dodger bullpen as Beimel.  They were both on the team for the same years between 2006 to 2008.  Saito and Beimel must have smoked some cigs together, threw back a couple tall boys, played some Madden football or whatever bullpen guys do during the early part of a baseball game.

Saito was also a very popular player and many Dodger fans were sad when he left to pitch for the Boston Red Sox.

The Dodgers have gotten some solid seasons out of their closers in the 2000s.  Eric Gagne, Takashi Saito, and yes even Jonathon Broxton have had stellar years closing games in a Dodger uniform.

I hope that Brandon League can keep that tradition alive.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Oldest One

On my desk at home, I have a stack of baseball cards that I set aside for the Platter.  These cards are ones that I have picked up randomly from pack pulls to card shop purchases.  I think they look cool and would make for a nice story to tell.

Most of this stack is vintage cards.  The way the players looked and even the wear on the card itself is interesting when it comes to the vintage years.  The weathered faces of baseball players of the past is fun for me to look at.

Another attribute of the random stack of cards that wait to be posted about is uniqueness.  Cards that I have never seen before of players that I collect.  Maybe a card of a Dodger star in an oddball set may fit this bill.

This Hideo Nomo is definitely unique.  This card comes from across the sea in Japan.  Nomo is a snazzy, retro, early 90s uniform.

That is a great throwback look.  The hat or the jersey should be in my wardrobe.  I have thought for awhile that I had everything I ever needed.  I guess I was wrong.  I need a Kintetsu Buffaloes hat from 1991.

The set that this card comes from is 1991 BBM.  Nomo pitched 5 seasons with the Buffaloes.  Nomo burst onto the Japanese seen with a stellar rookie season.  He had 287 strikeouts in 235 innings pitched.  Nomo was only 21 years old that season.  I kind of miss the days of letting good young pitchers rack up heavy innings totals.

The attitude of win now and winning now means using your best pitcher for 235 innings in his rookie season, then so be it.  National fans must be wondering, what if?

In 1991, Nomo once again struck out 287 dudes, which would be his high strikeout total while in Japan.  Nomo was a workhorse in 1991.  He throw a career high of 242.1 innings.  That is the most he threw in Japan and in the U.S.

Also in 1991, Nomo was working on his craft has a cardboard superstar.  He probably know that posing in front of a giant dark green wall was a bad idea.  Nomo was trying to make the best of the photographer's poor judgement and is standing with his unique wind-up.

I am unsure as to what the back of the card says.  Only some of the letters and numbers are understandable to me.  I think the back of the card is showing the history of the Kintetsu Buffaloes.  The years on the left start in 1960 and go to 1990.

This 1991 BBM is my oldest Nomo card by far.  My next oldest in from his rookie season of 1995 with the LA Doyers.

Was Nomo dreaming of going to the U.S. and playing major league baseball in 1991?  How far in advance to he plot his escape route to come to the Dodgers?

I wish I could find those answers out.  Now I need to go on a search for a Kintetsu Buffaloes hat.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sinking Into A Bad Habit

If you are forming a poor trait, isn't one of the first steps to bettering yourself is to admit you have a problem?  You would have to notice a bad situation in order to solve it.  The bad habit that is becoming a part of you must be spoken about and solved through discussion.

So, here I am to admit a bad habit that I have acquired.  It is a terrible blogging issue.  I have become a bad trader.  I write up trade posts before I even send a return package.  I have become that guy.  The guy that waits and procrastinates about sending out trade packages.

I need to work through this.  I am sorry for the nice people of the blog world that haven't into the same habit as me and send out their trade packages in a prompt manner.

Not only am I admitting my trading problem so, I can get back into better trade practices, I am also here to show off some cardboard.  The Daily Dimwit made a trade with me and I still have some cards for him sitting on my desk.  They will go out soon.

The Daily Dimwit sent me this Matt Kemp black refractor.  I haven't seen this parallel yet.  The card isn't as shiny as some of the other refractor parallels.  This card will probably get the top left corner of a 9 pocket page.  A brighter version of this card will get the middle pocket.

Framed relics always look sweet.  The frame adds some class to a piece of fabric.  This card will also look nice to get signed.  A lot of  open space on the card surrounding the cloth.

What is Kenji Johjima up to these days?  I know I can just Google this but, I am curious to see if someone just happens to know this.  For all I know, he is the assistant to the traveling secretary for the Seattle Mariners.

Some trade packages have already been sent out.  Some will be on their way soon.  Once again, I am sorry and I promise to get better.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Trade Agreement

The post office must make good cash from bloggers.  Bloggers venture into the post office quite often and usually have multiple bubble mailers or boxes to ship off all over the country.  Before the Platter was born, I probably almost never walked into a post office.  I think most other people are that way.

Today marked a day where I actually spent double digits at the post office.  I let my trade packages build up and now had to get them out to avoid more shame of delaying a shipment.  There are hundreds of other bloggers just like me that ship off cards on a regular basis.

A blog that was started in the summer is a new trade partner of mine.  Home of the Toddfather is a blog with a sweet name and a really cool blog design.  The blog is named after Todd Helton and is run by a Rockies fan named Tim.

The design is very eye catching.  The color scheme of black and purple really works well and is a unique color pattern.  Most other blogs don't use black and purple.

I praise the blog that Tim writes and I also praise his trade package.  This is my first Takashi Saito relic.  I have raved about Saito before at the Platter.  Saito gets praise too.

I am not too big of a fan of the Upper Deck X base card design.  The Upper Deck X design does look nicer with a piece of cloth in it.  When I was a card collecting kid in the 90s, I thought all baseball cards would have this design in the future.

I was wrong of course.  Luckily kids don't design card sets.  Sadly adults design card sets and some of them look atrocious.

My collection is lacking in Yu Darvish cards.  The blog community must be hoarding them.  Tim was nice enough to spare one for me.  This is a nice purple parallel of Darvish's 2012 Topps Chrome RC.

Darvish had 221 strikeouts in his rookie season.  He walked a lot of guys and if he cuts down on those he is going to be even more dominant.  I understand the hoarding of his cards, he may be a great pitcher.

Darvish also passes the eye test as well as having good rookie numbers.  The pitches he throws just dance while zipping towards the plate.  Darvish will also probably play on some good teams also.  This will give him more postseason starts to shine in front of a larger audience.

If anybody can spare some of his cards, please let me know.

Thank you for the trade, Tim.  I will be on the lookout for more Rockies for you.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Many Tasks

The hobby of baseball card collecting can be time consuming.  An entire day can be spent tending to your collection.  Hours can be occupied organizing and sorting your baseball cards.  I feel that is one of the better parts of the hobby.

Some people may have simpler, bland hobbies that aren't as time consuming.  Those folks may have hobbies that don't involve a psychotic level of attention to detail.

I love the hobby that I chose.

Earlier to day I got to go to my local card shop and purchase some baseball cards.  I then brought those cards home to sort in various spots such as in trade packages or in piles to be placed in binders at some point later tonight.

I also went through some trade packages that were sent out to the Platter recently.  One of those bubble mailers came from the Diamond King, who sent me this Fernando auto.  A signed Fernando Diamond King card from the Diamond King.


The Diamond King also sent me this autograph of Claude Osteen.  Osteen was a solid pitch for the Dodgers.  He helped them win the 1965 World Series.  He pitched 14 innings against the Twins that series and had a 0.64 ERA.

Almost as important as Osteen dominating in the World Series while wearing a Dodger uniform, is his first name Claude.  That is a sweet name.  For all the folks that are reading this blog and are thinking about having kids or have one on the way, please consider the name Claude.  You would be doing America a favor.

Thanks for the trade, Diamond King.  Your cards are packaged and will be sent out on Monday.

One more thing before I go, I have recently sent out some cards to Check Out My Cards.  The cards have been processed and are up for some bidding.  Please check out my page and email me a link to your store on that site if you want.

Monday, October 15, 2012

From Email to my Mailbox

From time to time, I like to write a post that sort of works as a refresher course to the Platter.  Not every Platter super fan has been reading about my collecting exploits since the birth of this blog.  Some new fans may have been created yesterday and haven't had time to catch up and read all my past posts yet.

Those new fans will get caught up soon.  I have that type of writing power of people.

Anyways, my main point is that I like to remind my loyal readers what I enjoy collecting and what I am seeking most to add to my collection.  Since the summer, I have been loading up on some hall of fame players on cardboard.  I have been building up my binder with some nice base, oddball, reprints and some other random stuff that you have all seen before.  I have also been able to pile up on some vintage and hits of  legends from baseball's past.

I purchase some cards from a seller that sends a list out via email.  He usually has some good deals and some nice hall of famers to pick from.

The prices of game used hits has seemed to dip after all the garbage of card companies knowingly buying non-game used jerseys and playing them off as game used.  The scandals are awful.  The low price makes it easier for me though, to buy these pieces of cloth stuck in cardboard.

Even, guys like Gaylord Perry that reside in Cooperstown sell only for a few bucks now.  This piece of blue Rangers jersey #/25 was only 3 bucks.  I am including shipping into the equation.

Fake or real, this card looks nice to me.  I feel every collector prefers a baby blue jersey piece as opposed to a white or gray piece.

Los Angeles born Eddie Murray was a hitting legend.  He hit over 500 home runs and had over 3000 hits in his career.  His lifetime OPS was .836 over 21 seasons.  Murray was a smooth switch hitter with a big, strong swing.

Murray was also a two time Dodger.  He got to play in his hometown during the 89-91 seasons.  Murray also had a second stint with the team in 1997 where he had a grand total of 9 plate appearances to finish out his legendary career.

Murray played most of his career as a Baltimore Oriole in the 70s and 80s before being traded to the Dodgers for Juan Samuel, Brian Holton and Ken Howell.  Murray usually pops up on modern cards in an Orioles uniform which is understandable.  Therefore when I see a Murray game used bat card with a Dodger photo on it, I must pounce.

This is my first hit of Eddie Murray as a Dodgers.  Great addition to my collection.

One more thing, please check out the Blog of Trade Bait which still has some cards that are unclaimed.  Make a deal with some of the many solid contributors that have been assembled on that blog.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

1955 Is In My Head

I love going to the card shop with the anticipation of picking up a super cool card that is waiting for me.  Valley Sports Cards has a weekly bid board with mostly baseball cards for sale.  Other collectors post up a variety of cards from vintage to classy hits and this is where I like to spend some of my collecting dollars.  If I win any cards with my bids, the shop owner will email me my total.  I rarely ask what cards that I have won. I enjoy the mystery.

This last week was different.  I asked what cards were waiting for me.  Their was one card that I bid on that I really wanted.  I put a low ball bid on it, even though it was the card that I wanted most hanging from the wall.  I am stumped as to why I put a low bid on it.

I must have been distracted by Dodgerbobble and was in a hurry to eat some chili dogs.

My idiotic bid just slightly over the asking price worked?!?!  How could I have ended up with a 1959 Topps Clem Labine autograph, certified by JSA and slabbed, while bidding on a baseball card featuring a Dodger, in Los Angeles, in a card shop frequented by fans of Los Doyers while being oddly thrifty?

The baseball gods did me a solid and I will honor them with prayer before I go to bed tonight.

The reason that I really wanted this signature was because of my love for the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.  That team beat the Yankees in a seven game series to be crowned world champs.

Labine was a star relief pitcher for the Dodgers.  He made some spot starts but he mostly threw out of the bullpen.  Labine appeared in a league leading 60 games in 1955 and notched 11 saves.  Of those 60 games, 8 of them were starts.

Labine closed out a Dodger victory in Game 5 of the '55 World Series.  He pitched 3 innings to earn that save and help the Dodgers win 5-3.  Real men pitch multiple innings for saves.

In Game 5, Duke Snider would be the real star of the game.  Snider mashed 2 homers and a double off Yankee starter Bob Grim.  A 36 year old Jackie Robinson batted seventh this game.  A hall of fame infielder batting seventh!

Those were your 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More From My In-Person Auto Haul

This is a rare chance to actually read a fresh and new Platter post during the afternoon.  I usually am a night time poster.  The day time usually has work involved, so that keeps me from writing anything during the day. I also run errands or get involved in some other day time activities on my off days.

Today is different.  I woke up early with some motivation.  Some extra energy to write when the sun is still out and maybe even reach a whole new audience.  Their may be an untapped readership for the Platter that reads baseball card blogs while working a 9-5 on the east coast.  Some folks may not read baseball card blogs at 1AM eastern time when I sometimes write a post on the west coast.

I have some more cards to show off from my trade with Dodgerbobble.  I posted some of the other signatures that I got from Dodgerbobble in my last post.  You can check it out here if you want.  It was a really great write up and I haven't stopped patting myself on the back for it.

Dodgerbobble got this signature of Chris Capuano while lurking in the shadows of Dodger Stadium hunting down ballplayers while being armed with a blue sharpie.

Capuano had a pretty solid year for the 2012 Doyers.  When he was signed prior to the 2012 season, I was skeptical of his arrival.  He seemed injury prone and mediocre at best.  Capuano totally proved me wrong.  He was a step above mediocre and provided a really strong 1st half performance.

Capuano had a 2.91 ERA and 100 strikeouts in the 1st half.  His ERA rose to 4.76 in the second half.  I didn't expect him to even have a good half to the season so, I will take it.

Capuano finished the year with an ERA of 3.72 and struck out 7.4 per 9 innings.  The K rate was right along with his career numbers.  He has struck out 7-8 batters per 9 innings for most of his career.

Takashi Saito, the man from Miyagi, was the Dodgers closer from 2006-2008.  Saito was signed from Japan before the 2006 season.  He arrived in America with little fanfare and nobody really knew what to expect from him.

The team needed someone to takeover the closer's role from Eric Gagne.  I don't remember too many people thinking that Saito was the best choice or even an option at all.

Saito was named the team's closer in 2006.  He dominated his entire Dodger career and pitched with such a joy on his face.  He seemed as happy to get a victory as the fans were.

Saito had a WHIP below 1 in two of his three seasons with the Dodgers.  His lowest K/9 was 10.9 and his highest was 12.3.  In his rookie campaign, Saito even received some Cy Young Award votes.

I wish the man from Miyagi nothing but the best.

Josh Wall was the Dodgers second round pick in 2005.  He has slowly made his way through the Dodgers minor league system and was able to make his big league debut in 2012.  Wall pitched 5 2/3 innings this year.

Wall is a right handed relief pitcher that throw hard.  Every team needs and has a bunch of dudes like Wall.

Dodgerbobble is such a skilled grapher that he recognized Josh Wall.  Wall was probably wearing a baseball uniform which still will make him hard to pick out.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autographs From a Graphing Hound

Dodgerbobble has been on an autograph hunt all season.  He was getting signatures all over SoCal.  His home base was Dodger Stadium.  He was on the constant prowl and was very good at completing his mission.  Dodgerbobble claims to have gotten around 300 autographs during the 2012 baseball season.

His drive to get many Dodger autographs is of great benefit to me.  We have a continuous trade agreement, where we swap extra Dodger autos that we acquire.

During one of Dodgerbobble's trips to Bakersfield to watch a minor league match-up between the Bakersfield Blaze and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, he was able to get Joc Pederson's autograph.  The Quakes are the Dodgers Single-A team that Pederson played 110 games for in 2012.

Pederson is the Dodgers Minor League Player of the Year in 2012.  He is the Dodgers best position player prospect as he has a nice blend of power and speed.  This past season, Pederson hit 18 home runs and 26 stolen bases.  That is pretty solid for a 20 year old kid.

Pederson also got to play for Team Israel that competed in the World Baseball Classic.  Pederson is from Northern California but, his Jewish roots made him eligible to play for the Israeli team.  He also got to wear this cool hat that I hope to own one day.

Jamey Wright looks freakish in this photo.  His eyes kind of scare me because he reminds me of a Terminator sent from the future to destroy opposing hitters.

Signatures on Topps Heritage cards always look great.  Heritage and Ginter cards are both superb for through the mail autos or in-person autos.  It is one of the selling points for me when I choose what packs to purchase.

Wright had a decent year for the Dodgers, pitching out of the bullpen.  His WHIP of 1.50 is pretty high.  I do remember him pitching out of some tough inherited jams and pitching multiple innings in order to rest the other bullpen arms.  That is valuable for a team over the course of a long season.

I also thought Wright would get released by May.  I totally whiffed on that prediction and thank Wright for pitching well enough to stick around for an entire season in LA.

Aaron Harang has an odd looking signature.  There is no way that I would be able to tell what the blue sharpie letters on this card say without seeing that Harang is pictured on this card.

Topps was smart to show only half of Harang's frankenstein face.  His 2012 Topps Heritage card should not be sold to children.

This Luis Cruuuz card that Dodgerbobble gave me was the favorite of the 12 card lot that he gave me.  Cruuuz became my favorite Dodger player of 2012.  I love his underdog story of struggling in limited time in his past big league experiences and in the minors.  Cruuuz was about the Dodgers 10th option at third base.

Cruuuz finally seized an opportunity to get regular playing time at the major league level.  He played pretty well and exceeded everyone's expectations of him.  He hit .297 with an OPS of .753.  Cruuuz also brought a flair and excitement when he stepped up to the plate.  The Dodger Stadium crowd loves this guy.

These are some great additions to my collection.  Thank you for the goods, Dodgerbobble.  I will get you a nice stack of autos next weekend.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Playoff Fever

In years past, when the Dodgers were done for the year, I stopped watching baseball.  If the Dodgers didn't make the playoffs or were eliminated from the post season, my baseball season ended as well.  I would just be too depressed to watch anymore baseball.

This year, I am going to try something different and I am going to closely follow the Dodger-less playoffs.  I would kind of casually know what was going on in the past Dodger-less playoffs and may see bits of games. This playoffs I am going to watch chunks or full games.  The one game elimination wild card system has intrigued me.  I had fun watching most of the Rangers and Orioles game.

Since the Orioles beat the Rangers 5-1, I feel somewhat obligated to write a post that has something to do with the Baltimore Orioles.  I don't have any Orioles cards to show.  What I do have is some cards that were sent to me by a Baltimore Orioles fan

Ryan who writes the blog called "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog, is probably thrilled right now.  He is probably celebrating in a safe but, rowdy way.  Ryan may be dancing in the streets with thousands of other long suffering Orioles fans who now have some joy in their baseball loving souls.

The green background of this Hideo Nomo card that Ryan sent me reminds of the Ecto Cooler juice boxes I drank as a kid.  Slimer from the Ghost Busters must have oozed his way through this card.

Now that Topps has included autographs of baseball general managers in their 2012 Topps Update sets, will they include cards or autos of base coaches?

I ask because some teams have base coaches that I would like to see pop up in Topps sets.  Maybe some new cards of Davey Lopes that always looks grump but still really cool.

Former Dodger Dave Roberts is the first base coach of the San Diego Padres.  I sadly don't have many cards of Roberts in a Dodger uniform.  He was a speedy, always active player that should have been a cardboard superstar.  At this point I will accept a Padre Dave Roberts card of him in a flap less helmet staring with great focus into the dugout.

I have many versions of this 2010 Topps Chrome Russell Martin card.  I love having a full page of all the different versions of a particular card.  It makes for nice viewing while flipping through my binders.

Martin will probably be a make a return to the Dodgers as an aging back up 6 years from now.  I just wanted to write that down in a time stamped blog post to gloat to all my Dodger friends when that prediction comes true.

Thanks for the trade, Ryan.  Your cards will be on their way soon.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seeing Something New

Some bloggers have discovered something new to the card collecting customer.  I read on at least two blogs that a certain sighting has been made.  I thought this was just a story, a myth or some sort of urban legend.

There was one constant that was at card shows, flea markets and local card shops.  Prices of cards have gone up and down over time but, the dime box always had a pleasant spot in our community.  Every collector has spent time digging through a dime box.

The urban legend that a couple other bloggers have witnessed is a new thing called a nickel box.  I have never seen, heard of or quite frankly, even thought of a nickel box.

I haven't been to my local card shop called Valley Sports Cards in about a month.  I rolled in there a couple days ago and saw the dime box turn into the nickel box.

The owner of the shop told me that the cards in the dime box were now only a nickel.  The myth of the nickel box is a fact.  I am now one of the few that got a chance to dig through one.  This advancement for card collectors is hopefully sweeping the nation.

I was able to get this awesome Keith Hernandez Ralston Purina card for only a nickel.  Hernandez was a MVP winner in 1979, had a cool mustache, a two time world champion baseball player and was a guest star on one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes.

For those with more knowledge on the subject, was Hernandez a better ball player or actor?

This beauty was also found for a nickel.  Mike Schmidt is holding some awards and rocking a manly beard.  Perfect moment in time photo for Fleer.

One of the awards that Schmidt is holding is for Most Grizzled 1981.

The nickel box also gave me a laughing Charlie Hough on a 1979 Topps card.  Hough appears to be taking a photo right before pitching in a township league game in the middle of the forest.  Hough played so long in the league that he looks really old on most of the cards I own of him.  It is good seeing that at one point he looked middle aged.

I hope every blogger gets to have a grand nickel box experience.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

End of the Baseball and Collecting Season

The 2012 Dodgers had a wacky season.  The word wacky is the best way to describe it.  I have never experienced a Dodger season as exciting, depressing, odd, and several other feelings that I felt about the team at some point this year went on.

The Dodgers went through an ownership change at the beginning of the year.  The team went from being run by a snake named Frank McCourt to a group of people called the Guggenheim Group.  The new owners have super deep pockets and added some high priced veteran talent as the season progressed.  The Dodgers started the season on a hot streak and had a great April and May.

Things started to fall a part in June.  Matt Kemp got hurt and never really seemed to fully recover.  Kemp set the bar high and the injuries that he suffered really hurt his numbers.  Kemp's hamstring problems as well as a shoulder injury really affected the team's playoff hopes.

The Dodgers acquired Hanley Ramirez from the Miami Marlins just before the trade deadline.  That was a huge upgrade over the stiffs that the Dodgers were trotting out at shortstop.  The team wasn't done adding payroll and talent after the trade for Ramirez.

The big trade was when the team picked up Adrian Gonzalez to take over James Loney's spot at first base.  That is small shoes to fill for Gonzalez.  The team also got Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto in that same deal with Boston.

The team had acquired a bunch of new players and a new owner all in the same year.  Most of the new players such as the guys from Boston and Ramirez will be back next year.  The new ownership group will also be around for a number of years.

2012 was the start of a new Dodger era and for the first time in a long time, I am excited for the future of the Dodger organization.  I am more excited as opposed to my usual nervousness about the club's direction.

With the conclusion to the Dodgers baseball season, the collecting season for me is also over.  I will still pick up a few packs of 2012 Topps Update.  I will also still make some trades.  But, both of those activities will wain as I catch up with organizing my collection.

The collecting season for me is an almost daily drive to obtain cards, send cards to other bloggers, and buying cards for my collections.

The stacks above are cards that I need to binder and catalog in Excell.  Those stacks don't even include the trade packages that I need to sift through.

Here are some cards that I need to send out to get signed through the mail.  Most of this stack is of retired Dodgers that I will write to this off season.  This task got me through last off season and was a way to keep me busy.  This also led to getting some nice autos when my buying habits have dipped.

Some trade packages that I need to send out.  Sorry to the blog world.

What a crazy season both in the Dodger world and for my blog.  The Platter seems to be growing and is still fun for me.  Blogging is still a great outlet for me to think creatively and share my love of the cardboard hobby with the blog world.

It was a great season for collecting.

Oh yes, the collecting season was great.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Can Handle Two Blogs

If you read my last post, you will know that I floated an idea around about a trade bait blog.  A simple blog where multiple bloggers can post a card that another blogger can claim and make an offer on.  The idea got a good response from the blog world and I set it up today.

The blog is called the Blog of Trade Bait.  Simple name for a simple premise.  I have sent invites out to some bloggers that said that they wanted to contribute to this blog.  If anyone else is interested, please let me know.

I have already posted up a brief intro as well as an auto of a very popular star baseball player for trade.  Check out the post here and make me an offer.

Thank you for your support.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ideas For Our World

My day off from work has been spectacular so far.  I ventured about an hour north from my house to San Buenaventura State Beach in Ventura,CA.  It is a lot quieter and more peaceful going to beaches in Ventura County as opposed to beaches in LA County.  Less people and ample parking is the draw for me going to Ventura.

I had a chance to read and relax on the beach during a nice sunny day.  Aside from reading a book called "Popular Crime" by Bill James, I was able to think of the blog world for a bit.  You know, the world in which most of my readers congregate.

Most of the time when I think of blogging, I am thinking about writing topics for the Platter.  It is kind of selfish of me but, I have to give the Platter fans some quality words.  But, today, I was actually thinking of the blog world as a whole.

What are some ideas that could make our card collecting blog world better?

We can expand on some ideas as a group and maybe some additions to our community will come to fruition.

One of the ideas that I thought of was a blog that just showed pictures of cards that are for trade.  The post will be a picture, contact info for the poster and a couple sentences talking about the piece of cardboard trade bait.

It will be simple and one stop shopping for traders.  Take this 2004 Upper Deck Timeless Talents Auto as an example.  I wrote several words above the Thomas photo.  A Brewers collector could have skimmed past the previous paragraphs and not have realized this was a trade bait post. I make my readers wait a little bit before I get to some photos sometimes.

On a trade bait blog, I would simply write, "This Gorman Thomas Auto is for trade.  Send me something nice, please."

Any blog trader will frequent this site and a Brewer collector will eventually see this card and take it off my hands.  So, please trade me for this card, Brewers fans.

This is another card that I would like to be sent to a good home.  It is a piece of a Houston Astros jersey worn by Carlos Beltran.  Pedro Martinez is lurking in the background in Boston Red Sox uniform.  A New York Mets symbol is in the center of this card.  The card is also #ed/75.

Confusing card so, please make me an offer for this one.  It may appeal to a few different fan bases.

Just another example of what a trade bait blog could become.

The posts could even be separated by teams for easier searching.  Just an idea, let me know what you guys think or if a blog like this is already in play.

Another idea that I thought of while cruising past orange groves on my way home from Ventura was a blog that is a critique and commentary on the blog world.  The site won't necessarily talk about sports cards or the sports card industry but, will write about the blogs/bloggers that cover those topics.

Writers for this type of blog will write reviews of blogs or blog posts, discuss the main current trends among blogs, profiles of bloggers and a way to promote newer blogs or blogs that are under followed and deserve more readership.

Any commentary about our fellow bloggers should be taken in jest. It will be a site with humor and won't take itself to seriously.  Nothing too critical, just a blog to discuss other blogs.

Please let me know what you think of these two ideas.  Also, let me know if you would like to be a part of an endeavor like this.  I am open for a good discussion on this.

Thanks for reading, friends.