Friday, June 21, 2013

The Excess

The box of cardboard fun that has given me hours of joy is crawling to an end.  The cards are almost all most finished getting looked at and sorted.  This was a fun filled purchase and I will look to buy another random 4,000 count box once again.

The set variety and the different teams included gave the box an easy skim.  It was kept interesting by seeing some fresh looking sets like Upper Deck and Fleer.  I even didn't mind looking at some of the newer cards in the box from 2011 and 2012.  For some reason 2010 Topps looks already dated.  The cards appear to be from a distant time when I bought packs of that set at a local CVS and rode home on my bike.  Instead those 2010 Topps cards were purchased at an even more lifeless chain store like a Wal-Mart.

This is all the fun that I have left to dig through.  It is kind of sad for me.  I also wanted to run a contest to give out some of the cards that don't fit into my collection.  This will be a simple contest and only will have one winner.

The first person to leave a comment mentioning the name of any current minor league baseball team will win about 100 2011 Topps Pro Debut cards.  Since this set is from 2011, some of these players have already made their major league debuts.  I also have only taken out a couple Dodgers from here and didn't pick through the rest.

Once again, be the first person to name a current minor league team will be the only winner to claim these 2011 Topps Pro Debut cards.

I will mail them out your way by next week.  Thanks!


Superduperman99 said...

Memphis Redbirds

Backstop Cards said...

dangit! late again!

Josh D. said...

Just in case the Memphis Redbirds' stadium has been hit by an asteroid in the last hour (removing them from the "current" pool of teams), I will say the "Kane County Cougars."

Nick said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun digging through that box! I'd love to pick something like that up one of these days!