Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ned Colletti's Greatest Hits

A game that was introduced in a previous post that entails Dodger fans to pick a broken down, past his prime veteran ballplayer that GM Ned Colletti had signed and look up that player's floundering stats.  It is a really horrific game for Dodger fans to play and it must only be played during the day when the sun is shining.  A darker and cloudier environment is more likely to rouse the evil baseball gods from their slumber.

In a previous post I brought up Garrett Anderson and I hope that some of you were able to check his stats at baseball reference.  He was a really good Angel, a mediocre Brave and an awful Dodger.  Anderson almost made it through an entire baseball season while not being able to hit, field or throw.  Only a Ned Colletti run team will let that happen.

Colletti made the smart move by trading for George Sherrill in 2009 for the Dodgers stretch run to the playoffs.  The deadline acquisition had a sparkling 0.65 ERA and a respectable K/9 of 7.2.  Sherrill was a solid lefty arm for the Dodgers down the stretch in '09.

Then the playoffs came and Sherrill imploded.  The Phillies offense knocked Sherrill around in the '09 NLCS.  Bullpen meltdowns are magnified time 1,000 when it comes to playoff baseball.  The fans will always remember a reliever screwing up a big game at a key moment.  Every fan base has a list of players that have crumbled under the bright lights.  Most of LA probably wanted Sherrill out of the city and off on his merry way to any other club.

Colletti made the move to bring Sherrill back for the 2010 season.  Sherrill was useless coming out of the pen yet Joe Torre kept throwing him out there to embarrass the entire sport of baseball.

Once again, I won't show any numbers about Sherrill's 2010 Dodger season.  Any Dodger fans wanna take a gander at this atrocity?

Here is another one of Ned Colletti's Greatest Hits:

George Sherrill

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