Thursday, June 27, 2013


This post actually doesn't have to do with the Dodgers three game sweep of the hated Giants of the North.  Nor does this post have to do with the Dodgers five game winning streak.  I just wanted to obnoxiously use "sweeeeeep" in the title because as a Dodger fan, I had to wait until the end of June to puff my chest out with pride based on the team's performance.  It has been a rough start for the Dodgers so far this season and getting a sweep against the team's biggest rival is the really high quality icing on the cake that melts in your mouth.

Now onto the purpose of this post after I got some brief gloating out of the way.  The time has come to churn out some trade posts.  I have noticed that I don't get around to posting about the cards that the kindhearted blog world sends me until bubble mailers become a scattered mess on my desk.  Once the clutter overtakes a portion of my bedroom, then I know it is time to give thanks to the trade partners that send me the goods.

Dime Box Nick is a Platter All-Star because he sends me some great cardboard and writes a kick ass blog.  Nick is able to find gems like this flashy Satchell Paige to send my way.  This may be my first card of Paige as a St.Louis Brown.  The few other cards I have of the pitching legend show him as a Cleveland Indian.  The spelling of his first name confuses me on this card.  I thought his first name only had one "L" and not two.  Since, I don't know anybody else nicknamed Satchel or Satchell, I have no point of comparison for the proper spelling.

This card motivated me to look up some of Paige's major league numbers.  It turns out that Paige started a game for the KC Athletics as a 58 year old.  This start came in the 1965 season and was his only appearance in the majors that year.  His previous stint in the big leagues came as a St.Louis Brown in 1953.  Paige had a 12 year gap between major league outings.  That is a huge span of years between pitching performances.  Oh yeah, I will mention this once more, he made a start as a 58 year old dude.

I will also like to mention how he did in his 1965 start.  Paige pitched 3 innings without giving up a run and only allowed one base runner.  He dominated for 3 innings as a 58 year old.  Just plain unbelievable.  Paige is a legend.

The bubble mailer sent to me by Nick was littered with hall of fame sweetness.  Most of the cards he sent me were new additions to my hall of fame collection.  I may need to start another binder for my American League side of my collection.  This Rod Carew may set the AL binder over the edge and a new binder will be needed.

I love the crystal clear images of the Upper Deck Past Time Pennants sets.  Why do some photographs on baseball cards seem crystal clear and next level while others don't take you into the setting of the shot?  Why don't card companies only use the best photo available?  What is the process to make and older image like this Carew look like it was taken by the best digital camera of 2013?  Any photography experts out there?

The early Fleer sets were notorious with their poor standards of photography and quality control.  Blurry and dark images somehow made it into some of the early-80s Fleer offerings.  Even with the sub standards, Fleer was able to churn out some cardboard gold.

Steve Yeager cards get featured at the Platter fairly regularly.  A baseball card blog named for Yeager would probably be a good idea.  Yeager has some cool looking cards and his image seems to represent what men looked like in the late seventies and early eighties.

Dime Box Nick has also claimed this week to be PWE Appreciation Week and is encouraging bloggers to send each other a couple cards in a plain white envelope.  This is a fantastic idea and I am sure many of his readers will follow suit and mail out something nice to their blogger pals.  I have already sent one out earlier today and will get some more out later this week.

Spread the kindness around the blog world.

Thanks for the nice cards, Nick.

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