Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Special

It has been awhile since I last typed some words and formulated sentences.  After school wrapped up for the semester at the end of  May, typing words was something that I wanted to avoid for a bit.  I needed a little bit of a hiatus from trying to come up with something interesting to write.  It is summertime and going a little mindless for the some of June was part of the plan.

Now, the other part of my summer plan is to blog more and keep my card collection organized.  This summer will entail working more to earn some cash.  This summer will also have those lazy summer days with nothing to do but watch episodes of Archer on Netflix or sorting through stacks of baseball cards.  Some of those lackadaisical days will have me choose sorting through stacks of cardboard.  Organizing the mess I have going on will be a benefit to my collection and my bedroom cleanliness.  Blogging more will be beneficial to my tens of readers who have been yearning for more Platter posts.

I thought today will be a good Sunday to sift through this mega box of baseball cards that I purchased on the Sports Card Forum.  This box contains protective padding as well as cards from the 2000s.  I believe this box will contain mostly base cards.  I have not dug into this box o' fun yet.  The contents are a semi-mystery to me as I only know the years of which the cards were made.

I also thought that I would spend all day today watching sports and live blogging about the contents found in my latest purchase.  I may mix in some trade posts or some posts about some other random buys that I have made.  Today will be a fun, relaxing day full of Platter goodness.

This first post is a set-up to the festivities that I have planned out.  This post right here is also the start of the first contest of the day at the Platter.  Contests may dribble in throughout today and into the evening.  Be on the lookout for your chance to read enjoyable blog posts and to maybe win some free cards.

The first contest will be a simple one.  To win, just be the first person to comment and type in their favorite baseball team.  The first person that does this will win a stack of 30 cards of their favorite team that happens to pop out from this box.

Thank you and join me on this journey to see what's in the box.


The Diamond King said...

Cardinals! Nice to see you back.

Nick said...

Looks like a fun box to dig through!

bigbern28 said...

Nice to see sushi back in action .... Tigers please

Dodgerbobble said...

I was meaning to ask you why you hadn't blogged in a while. I think you were pulling a dodgerbobble.

Alex Stuarts said...

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