Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Contest Winner

To kick off this mornings live blogging extravaganza, I led off with a preview of the box of baseball cards that I purchased and a little contest.  The Diamond King was the first person to chime in and picked the St. Louis Cardinals as his team of choice.  I will start to pull any nice looking Cardinal cards that I see as I slowly dig through a large flat rate box.

I will also set aside any cards that may interest me throughout the day.  I have already found some that made me laugh or cringe.  The cards that make me cringe will probably be the funner ones to show.  It gives my head some insulting remarks to state and then the battle rises as to what is the most appropriate of the inappropriate comments that I should actually share publicly.  That is hard to do sometimes.  Sometimes that leaves me with nothing to say at all.

Here is a game face that will make my fellow Dodger fans cringe.  Some Dodger fans may actually vomit if they start having memories of Garret Anderson's 2010 season in Dodger Blue.  Anderson was just plain awful and was considered to be even worse than expected being that he was aging and was signed by  Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti.

On the way home from a Single-A game in Bakersfield, California, Dodgerbobble and I were playing a game called Ned Colletti's Greatest Hits.  The object of this game is to name a past his prime, old veteran ballplayer that Colletti had signed or traded for and look up that player's stats as a Dodger.

As a fan, I remember that garbage Dodgers just as much as I remember the star Dodgers.  I just adore and place the stars on pedestals.  The garbage players are the ones I will loathe for a lifetime.

Anyway, this game was both a good laugh at Colletti awfulness and some shock as to why he still has a job as a GM in the majors.  Anderson may not even be the worst player on Colletti's resume.  Dodger fans can look up and remember scrubs like Andruw Jones and Mark Sweeney.

So, Dodger fans, it is my honor to include a link to Garret Anderson's baseball reference page and then you too can play Ned Colletti's Greatest Hits.

This is a nice looking card of some Royal named Mitch Maier.  This thrilling action shot makes me forget Garret Anderson as a Dodger for a minute.

I am also sure that Royals fans have some stories of general manager follies and stupidity.

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Superduperman99 said...

I just posted about that card on my blog yesterday. That is one heck of a grab if you ask me.