Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Better Collection

The year 2013 is upon us.  I am actually looking forward to the new year.  I am usually pessimistic about the new year and expect the worst to happen.  Going into 2013, my thought process is more positive and am looking forward to a brighter outlook.

Some people I know may read that opening paragraph and think that I have lost my mind.  It is rare when I want to point out positive aspects of life.

In my last post, I talked about going after the 2013 Allen and Ginter set.  Set collecting will be a part of the fold for me this year.  I have completed insert sets before but, chasing a base set is foreign to me.  Trying to hunt down short prints to complete 2013 Allen and Ginter next year is one of the collecting adventures that I look forward to in 2013.

Bill Madlock played 15 seasons in the big leagues.  He played about 2 and a half seasons with the Dodgers.  He doesn't have too many Dodger relics out there.  Brad, from Brad's Blog, had this card above listed as trade bait on his blog.  I needed a tiny piece of Madlock's jersey for my collection so, a trade was born.

One of the things that makes Brad a cool dude is that he grew up in the same suburb of Philadelphia that I did.  We went to the same schools a couple years apart, we probably bought hoagies and iced tea from the same Wawa.

It's really neat finding a fellow blogger that you have a past link to,that you learned about through a passion for baseball cards.

Aside from set collecting in 2013, I will also make it my goal to buy some singles of the newer Bowman products.  I am not a fan of prospect heavy sets.  I need my sets to have star power, scrub relievers and old school ballplayers.

Bowman packs don't even get touched by my hands.  I don't even remember opening any Bowman packs in 2012 or maybe even 2011.  That is, if any pack of Bowman is memorable.

Bowman also has a lot of parallels to go along with its base set.  I probably need to track down several versions of this Clayton Kershaw to have a colorful looking binder page.  The chase will be on in the singles bin.

The "Singles Bin"?  That should be the name of a new singles bar that I am going to open up in Reseda.

Another thing that makes Brad cool is that he sent me this mini of Julius Caesar.  This is back to back trade packages that have sent me a Allen and Ginter insert need.

I am slowly chipping away at those sets and should have at least one completed by this day in 2014.

Thank you for the trade, Brad.  Richboro pride!


Brad's Blog said...

Look forward to the next trade! Richboro pride haha. I definitely had a ton of hoagies at the wawa and hit up ritas water ice quite a few times

Play at the Plate said...

Good luck!!