Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the Singles Boxes to the Binders

About a week into 2013, I have been staying the course.  The course of refraining from buying too many packs and digging through singles boxes to buy some cards.  I am still going to buy some packs this year but, only from select packs.  I did well with this plan in 2012 and will keep it going again in 2013.

Singles from newer sets are usually pretty cheap.  I still have a lot of gaps in my collection from 2012 cards because I didn't open packs of some products.  My local card shop has some boxes of 2012 singles for a dime or a quarter.

In 2012, Topps released a set of minis that are just like their 2012 Series 1 and Series 2 products.  The photos are the same, I believe.  At least most of the images are the same from the base sets.

I remember hobby boxes of 2012 Topps Minis going for a lot more cash than hobby boxes of Series 1 or Series 2.  I also remember packs of these being hard to find and a little pricey for a set of cards that I have seen before.

I was just waiting until I could pluck some singles from this set for under a quarter.  That day came yesterday and I was able to purchase a good stack of these little cards.

Skip Schumaker is a new addition to the Dodgers.  The Cardinals traded him to the Dodgers for minor league prospect Jake Lemmerman.  This trade is kind of old news since it happened a few weeks ago.

To my knowledge, this is my only Skip Schumaker card.  I may have several more but, don't feel it is worth digging around for a Schumaker card.

So, this was a good cheap pick-up for me.  This is the Schumaker card that I will keep until he has a Dodger card released.  One of my very, very minor goals of 2013 is to have Schumaker sign this card for me.  It will probably happen.

Earlier this morning, I watched an FA Cup soccer match between Liverpool and Mansfield Town.  It was a very exciting game and big boy Liverpool almost lost to the little guy, Mansfield Town.

I won't get to into this game because I will probably bore most of my tens of readers.  If any more sentences are typed about soccer at the Platter, I will probably receive some angry emails and a trade package filled with Juan Uribe awfulness.

I am now watching an NFL playoff game.  The game is the Colts versus the Ravens.  I actually can't explain why I am watching this game.  Because of Andrew Luck in his first playoff game?  Maybe for Ray Lewis' possible final game?

I think the real reason is because no baseball is on right now.  I am stuck getting more sporting fix from the FA Cup and an NFL match-up that may put me to sleep.  Any NFL playoff match-up that doesn't include the Raiders, may put me to sleep.

I would even watch a Yanks/Sox game on ESPN featuring Joe Morgan's return to the booth, with Hiroki Kuroda dominating for the Yanks, and Shane Victorino hitting a walk-off homer to give the Sox a 1-0 victory if it was on television right now.

I need baseball.

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