Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keep Mentioning It

As I am sitting here watching a soccer match between Sunderland and Liverpool, I am reminded that after the Raiders NFL season ended, I have no sports to truly feel passionate about until the Spring.  The NHL seems to not want to resume games.  Hockey is one of my favorite sports and watching the NHL gets me threw the doldrums of the baseball off season.

I try to watch some NBA action and it just doesn't interest me as much as baseball, hockey or Raiders football.  I also occasionally watch the English Premier League.  The EPL is where I get my soccer fix.  I at least try to feed my sporting fix with soccer.  It is a struggle for me to get into a league and a sport with so much history and tradition.  Learning about English soccer will take me several years to fully understand the sport, culture and where the location of Queens Park is.

My sporting interests will be sort of rested until baseball season.  That will give me extra days to build up some anticipation and passion for the 2013 Dodgers season.

Luckily, the blog world really has no off season.  I never have a chance to really take a break from my collection or from the Platter.  Baseball cards always offer me a chance to type some words about or flip through a binder to enjoy some of my pick ups.

Trade packages always show up year round.  Trading takes a slight dip in December but, never fully disappears.

This trade package was sent to me from Adam, whose blog is called My Cardboard Mistress.  Adam is the one that sent me my favorite Topps parallel.  A nice shade of blue surrounding Hawaiian tough guy, Brandon League.

This card shows League's tattoos on his arms and protruding from his chest.  The art of his tattoos will probably help me give him the benefit of the doubt if he struggles in 2013.  I may go easy on him with my commentary from the Left Field Pavilion at Dodger Stadium.

It also helps that League looks like someone who may be related to me.

Adam included a bunch of Allen and Ginter insert needs for me.  The more I mention the insert sets that I am chasing, the greater the chance that a fellow blogger will mail me some.

I don't want to say what Rocky Mountain Oysters are.  Please look it up online or just try some for yourself.

Napoleon and Cyrus the Great getting featured together at the Platter.  I am showing range and variety on this blog now.  That has to count for something.

I just showed Napoleon looking like a distinguished champion.  Now, let me even things out and show Napoleon's major defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.  That is only fair, right?

I sent out a bunch of bubble mailers today to complete some trades.  The Blog of Trade Bait has been quite lately due to the holidays.  With the holidays over, let us get some trades going.

Thank you for the trade, Adam.  


Spankee said...

Glad you like them!

Anonymous said...

Hiyya, Spiegel83. This is my first post on your blog, though I've been hanging around reading yours with the other card collecting blogs I read, i.e., I'm addicted to.

I hear ya on the NFL season ending when your team goes down. You're a Raiders fan? Chargers, here. Nice to meet you (offers handshake across the aisle). Not only that, but of course, I'm a life-long Padres fan (second handshake) and getting back in to collecting cards after a 20+ year break.

I don't know how to initiate it, but if there's any way I could trade cards with you, I'd like that as I haven't traded cards with anyone online yet. If you are a Dodgers and Raiders fan, well, that'd be awesome to trade with a fellow AFC West / NL West fan.

Great blog and cheers!

Anonymous said...

That A&G "Rocky Mountain Oysters" card looks like orange chicken with sweet 'n sour sauce. Can't imagine those suckers "taste like chicken," though (shivers).

No idea what "Balut" is. I don't dare look it up.