Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No 2013 Topps Today

The title of this post says it all about the words that I am about to type.  Whenever, a new set comes out, I try to avoid seeing scans or reading reviews of the new product.  I do this to not spoil the fun when I rip a few packs of the new 2013 Topps set.

I enjoy opening a pack of cards from a set that I haven't seen before.  I enjoy the surprise factor.  I don't avoid the blogs that post about the newest Topps release to be a jerk.  The time will come that I will get to see the new base cards, inserts, minis or whatever other creative ideas that the masterminds at Topps have come up with this year.

Mark of the blog called This Way To The Clubhouse has written a post about some 2013 Topps cards.  I just saw the title and the top half of a Miguel Montero card.  I at least think it was Montero.  The Diamondbacks aren't too recognizable these days.

Anyways, you readers should check out his post because it is probably totally awesome.  I will just wait to read it after I plucked a jumbo pack from my local card shop and I can compare my observations with the things that Mark noticed.  His posts are good, so even though I am a biased fan of his, I will guarantee that the post is enjoyable.

Another thing that is enjoyable is the trade package that Mark sent my way.  Finding new trade partners is a piece of blogging that I really dig.  It grows the community and gives me new player collections to find a fit for and want lists that I have never skimmed through in the past.

He sent me a couple flashy 90s cards that really caught my eye and blinded one of them.

The above card is of Karim Garcia and it is an atomic refractor.  These were at the top of the mountain back in 1996.  A card like this of a rising prospect in the Dodgers organization would go for a price that I was unwillingly to pay back in the day.

The 90s was the decade where the Dodgers were racking up rookie of the year awards as their farm system was pumping out quality talent.  Garcia was supposed to be in line to have big league success like the other top Dodger minor leaguers like Mike Piazza and Eric Karros.

Prospecting isn't new in this hobby and I am sure that some sucker bought up a bunch of Karim Garcia cards expecting greatness, a fat bank account and bragging rights of discovering the next Doyer star.

Stardom would not be in the cards for Garcia.  That is good for my collection because people are willing to send me an atomic refractor of him.  I am sure that Mark wouldn't send me a Piazza atomic refractor.

Piazza atomic refractors are hoarded by all collectors like Yu Darvish cards.

Mark included a card of a Dodger that actually won the rookie of the year award for the team.  This card blinded my other eye when I looked at it.  The rest of this post is being transcribed by my personal secretary.

This Rauuul Mondesi card is from 1999.  It is also probably one of the last cards to feature Mondesi in a Dodger uniform.  He was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays before the 2000 season in a trade that brought Shawn Green to LA.

Mondesi hit a career high 33 home runs in 1999.  It was also a year of his second career 30/30 season.  Mondesi's first came in 1997 and I thought he was going to have about ten more 30/30 years. Mondesi was so good back then that I thought he might be able to be a 40/40 man just like Jose Canseco.

Rauuul Mondesi needs to somehow comeback to the Dodger organization in some capacity.  He was a very popular player while in LA and it would be cool seeing him around the stadium.  The Dodgers need a ripped dude with thick gold chains teaching the youngsters about how to properly wear heavy gold and big diamond earrings while trying to crush fastballs into the pavilion.

Playing with flair is a skill that Mondesi can teach.

Thanks for the trade, Mark.  Your cards should be arriving in a couple days.  Enjoy!


Backstop Cards said...

Everyone should read Mark's blog, he's awesome.

Despite hating the Dodgers, I always thought Mondesi was pretty cool. The dude had a cannon for an arm.

Colbey Hopper said...

Did you see that Mike Piazza card I posted that is up for trade a day or so ago? Interested?

Mark Kaz said...

Thanks for the nice words, Mr. Spiegel. Enjoy those cards, and I hope your vision returns in due time :)

(Marcus, thanks for your nice comment, too!)