Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Next Step In My Collecting Journey

The new year is almost upon us.  It has gotten me to think about adding new wrinkles in my chase for cardboard.  Baseball card collecting is still very enjoyable to me, of course.  There is just always something different to add to you collecting habits.

I have gone after some Allen and Ginter insert sets over the last couple years.  Some of these have been very hard to complete.  I didn't think some of these sets with tens of cards would take so long.  I am not going after a complete set of 1989 Topps.

I am willing to try to complete a set in the 300-400 card range.  I will probably go after the base set for 2013 Allen and Ginter.  This will be the next step in my evolution as a collector.  The pursuit of a base set will take me to the next level of the chase for cardboard.

My strategy for trying to finish next year's Ginter set in a timely manner will be to trade and buy some of the short prints.  My current strategy for the 2011 Allen and Ginter Animals in Peril set is waiting on random trades or from pack pulls.  This current strategy is failing and slow.

Robert from $30 a week habit was the sender of this Snow Leopard card.  Every now and then a Ginter insert needs pops into a trade.  I am glad this was sent my way.

Robert is a set collector and seems to enjoy the pursuit.  He also is working on a frankenset of serial numbered cards from Topps and Bowman sets.  Robert is chronicling his serial numbered journey on his Serial Numbered Insanity blog.

A frankenset is a numbered, set of cards from different sets that are compiled into one set.  These sets usually have a them to them.  Robert's theme is numbered cards for example.

This may be another venture that I would like to try.  It will be fun for me to come up with a theme and see which cards I choose for my very own frankenset.

2013 is the year that I will add to my ever evolving collection.

Thank you for the trade Robert.  The Snow Leopard card is much appreciated.


Dodgerbobble said...

Padilla! Say hello to my little friend!!

Roy-Z said...

I'm working on the Animals in Peril, as well, mostly via COMC. Definitely slow going.

Also working on the National Animals from I think 2010. Some of them are quite interesting.

Michael Chase said...

I too seem to have caught the set builder bug. It seems like a natural evolution for those wanting to explore every nook and cranny of the hobby. I have yet to complete a full set that didnt come all in one shot. For example I have the complete 2010 Topps base set but its because I bought the factory set box. However with 2011 and 2012 Ive been trying to put them together piece by piece...something much harder than I ever imagined and those sets are of course relatively new.

Robert said...

Michael, thank you for the trade as well!! Glad you enjoyed the cards, and thanks for the props as well

Arno said...

I think I saw a snow leopard once... San Diego Zoo maybe?