Monday, December 24, 2012

The Right and The Wrong

I would like to start out this post by talking about music for a little bit.  My few, loyal regular readers probably know my opinions about baseball and baseball cards.  You may be able to tell that I love Los Doyers and loathe the Gigantes.  From reading some of my past posts, you may have picked up on my disdain for James Loney but, having a slight feeling of sadness when he was dumped in Boston.  The sadness was that my favorite whipping boy as left town and I had to find a new Dodger to poke fun at while watching a 162 game season.

I don't recall talking about music much at the Platter.  I often listen to some jams while writing some words for your pleasure.  A good album makes me happier to listen to even if the content is depressing.  It just puts me in a good mood to know that some talented people out there have made some songs for my consumption.

I have made it to modern times.  Instead of fumbling through a box of compact discs searching for Stone Temple Pilots "No.4" or for Oasis "Definitely Maybe," I can now find those albums easily through a music program.  I recently downloaded Spotify after hearing several people speak of its greatness.  It took me weeks to believe these people that I consider my close friends.

The download has been well worth it.  I went on a rock n' roll journey of The Offspring to The Clash to The Libertines to Queens of the Stone Age.  This program brought back my love of rock music due to its variety and easiness to use.

For the record, I have some Bloc Party "Silent Alarm" playing in the background.  If anyone wants to chat about some music, send me an email or leave a comment.  Baseball cards isn't my only love.

The Platter was showing some variety with a music chat.  Now, let me state some thoughts on the blog world's love/hate relationship to 2012 Panini Cooperstown.

Some bloggers have pointed out some of the faults of this set.  There main gripe has been that the hats get chopped off on some of the photos.  This is due to Panini lacking the MLB license to show team logos.  Night Owl may have been the first blogger that I saw write about this issue.

Ever since this emblem hiding had been brought to my attention, I have been noticing it every time I look at some of the Cooperstown cards.  It is now very noticeable to me now.  It still doesn't bother me much because the set has some good photography of some action shots that aren't often seen on cardboard and the shots of early 20th century stadiums are exceptional.

I still dig this set due to the amount of pluses that out way the negatives.  This set does get some things right like the checklist for the autograph set.

Not only is the autograph checklist superb because of all the hall of famers available but, also the signatures are on-card and have a nice design.

I picked up some packs and singles from this set the other day at my local card shop.  One of the singles that I picked up was this auto of Dave Van Horne.  He was the legendary voice of the Montreal Expos for over 30 seasons.  Van Horne was also rewarded by the Baseball Hall of Fame with the Ford C. Frick Award in 2011.

The Frick Award is very prestigious among broadcasters.  Only the greats get this honor such as Vin Scully and Bob Uecker.

Van Horne was also the guy that came up with the nickname "El Presidente" for former Expos pitcher Dennis Martinez.  That is a great nickname.

One more thing, this auto that I snagged off the bid board, was less than a pack of Cooperstown.  Cheers to Spotify and for buying singles over packs.


Jeff Laws said...

I love Spotify, I pay the $9.99/month and stream it to my phone. I listen to it all day long at work and hook it up to my stereo in the car.

You can pretty much listen to whatever you want to without commercials, what's not to love?

Michael Chase said...

The thing that sold me on spotify is the ability to stream full albums and has overall good audio quality. I also use Pandora for more mainstream music and for not so mainstream music. Great post!