Saturday, December 8, 2012

Assorted Bubble Mailer

The blog world is a great community to be a part of.  Sometimes a blogger is just willing to give you baseball cards for free.  Dennis from Too Many Verlanders, just listed a bunch of teams and lots for bloggers to claim.  Dennis was probably just wanting to clear some space in his collection while doing a nice gesture to his readers.

Bloggers do this on occasion.  They just want to help other people's collections while trying to keep enough space for cards that fit better into their own collection.

The Dodgers were already picked from Dennis' giveaway.  So, I went with the second best option.  The next best choice in my mind was getting a lot of multi-player cards.  That gives me a good chance for some trade bait and even some keepers.

I am thinking of going over this package in multiple posts.  The bubble mailer was stuffed with team bags filled with baseball goodness.  This post is the first team bag that I pulled out and sifted through.

This is one of my favorite cards from this particular group of cards picked out of a larger group of cards.  Phil Niekro is shown here as a confused old man.  Niekro may have had no idea what was going on while this photo was taken.

The cards that Dennis sent my way, had a great number of Topps rookie cards from the 90s.  Some of the cards have some very young looking ballplayers that would go on to have successful careers.

Sean Casey had a really solid career.  He finished his 12 year career with a .302 batting average and a .814 OPS.

The Dmitri Young part of this card is awesome.  Young is trying to look like a mean, tough guy.  Young can't seem to pull off the angry thug look.  Young always seemed to have the demeanor of a jolly fat man which is why he was fun to watch play baseball.  He was also able to load up on classic baseball rookie cards and was kind enough to unload them for funds for youth baseball fields.

There must have been a time in baseball history when Matt Morris could be on a league leaders card with Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson.  Schilling and Morris tied for the league lead in wins in the 2001 season.  Each pitcher had 22 wins and Johnson finished just below them with 21 victories.

The player that was just below Johnson surprised me.  Jon Lieber was once a 20 game winner in the major leagues.  According to the back of the baseball card, Lieber won 20 games in 2001.  I had to check baseball reference to make sure that this had actually happened.

Lieber did win 20 games with the 2001 Chicago Cubs.  I must have been blacked out when this happened.

I know that I am going to have so much fun going through this free lot.  The first team bag alone, offered so much variety.  It also helps that these cards have multiple baseball players pictured.

2000 Skybox brought us this gem of a skinny Guillermo Mota.  Mota has such a thin waist line and stick legs that he hardly resembles the version of Mota that has been playing the last few years.  I believe Mota is the all-time leader in steroid suspensions.  I won't actually take the time to look that up.  It just seems that whenever I forget about Mota, his name pops up that he is suspended or he is seen coming out of a bullpen just after a suspension.

Some more posts will follow, covering this free bunch.  I will have to have a card giveaway after the new year when people are actually reading blogs.  I feel the need to show some generosity to the other folks of the blog world.

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