Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Because

I was at a card show last weekend.  Of course, I made a list of supplies to buy and some names of bloggers that I need to pick up cards for.  I needed to keep my spending within reason and stay on point.  No hobby boxes or high end singles or even some 2012 discounted blasters.

Nope, none of that.  I just needed the things on my list.  While searching for cards that will be included in trade packages, I had to pick up a few cards for my collection.  It is hard to look at baseball cards and purchase them, just for other people.

I needed something just for me as well as for my fellow bloggers.

Kenny Lofton was a very exciting player to watch while growing up.  He was the table setter on some really solid Cleveland Indians teams in the 90s.  His speed on the base paths and his sprinting grace in center field would electrify the Jacobs Field crowd during playoff runs.

Lofton had a great 17 year career and even had a solid 2006 season while with the Dodgers.  Lofton led the league in stolen bases for five straight seasons in the 90s and had 2428 hits in his career.

This is my third Fausto Carmona autograph.  His name change last year went from Fausto Carmona back to his real name Roberto Hernandez.  It was a whole mix up with his age.  He was actually three years older as Roberto Hernandez.

Fuasto Carmona is a cool name.  Roberto Hernandez is dull and generic.  Fausto Carmona once finished forth in Cy Young award voting back in 2007.  Roberto Hernandez will never get that close to any Cy Young awards.

I hope to obtain a Roberto Hernandez auto someday.  That signature will complete my Carmona/Hernandez collection.

While being on the lookout for Orioles autos and Rangers autos at the card show, I stumbled upon this game used glove card of Brett Anderson.  This is my first card of a player's fielding glove.  I have a piece of a batting glove but, nothing like this.

Some of these game used relics might be real.  This piece of leather could have been used in several of Anderson's starts.

More card companies should release cards with a piece of glove in it.  A Brett Anderson card normally doesn't fit into my collection.  This card does though and will look swell next to my new Carmona and Lofton cards.

This trip to the card show was worthwhile.  I didn't overspend and I found what I needed for the most part.  I still need to hunt down some cards to complete some trades.


Nick said...

I used to have that Lofton bat card, but I traded it back when I started getting into the more base/insert stuff a few years ago.

He's still one of my favorite players to collect, though. He seems like one of those "cardogenic" guys that always gets good cards.

Roy-Z said...

I have a glove/patch/jersey/chest protector of Pudge Rodriguez.

It's the most I've ever paid for a single, and also very likely my favorite card of my favorite retired player (that I haven't met.)

Fuji said...

I agree... card companies should definitely create more game used glove cards. Very cool.