Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short. Sweet. Passable.

At one point, earlier this week, I was behind on sending out trade packages.  I ventured to the post office at the beginning of the week.  I arrived a little before the doors opened and there was already a long line of people outside the front door of my local post office.

It took me twenty minutes to mail off five trade packages.  I get really antsy while I wait in a long line.  My boredom and jitters from just standing in one spot is made worse when I stand alone.  Next time I need to go to the post office during the holidays, I should bring a friend so, I have someone to crack jokes with.

The United States Postal Service loses tons of money each year.  The post office probably does really well during the month of December.

The government should start brainwashing us into believing that other holidays are gift giving days.  This will post up revenue for the post office and generate more tax dollars with people purchasing gifts for each other.

Fourth of July should be made into a holiday where we send out presents to our friends and family.  Come on, government, get creative!  Some states are suffering financially.

I would like the post office to do well.  Things will be a lot tougher for card collectors if, the government ended the postal service.

I just need to avoid the post office during December when everyone else in America is there.  I survived it this year but, I was thinking mean thoughts like knocking over old ladies with canes and tote bags for purses just to get to the front of the mail line.

Luckily, these were just thoughts and nobody was harmed when I braved the madhouse of my local post office.  I don't want these ideas to pop in my head again.

If I owe anyone a trade package, you will get one sent your way in the new year.

The blog called I'm Ballsy, run by Arno, was having a card giveaway.  I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and was able to add to my Dodgers prospect bust collection.  I am looking forward to my card giveaway that I will be hosting in January.  So, many great bloggers like Arno deserve something free from the Platter.

This James Adkins auto was the card that I was after when Arno first posted about his contest.  Adkins was a 1st round draft pick by the Dodgers in 2007.  He was a left-handed pitcher out of the college that Lane Kiffin once failed at called the University of Tennessee.

Adkins was a minor league pitcher that struck out a bunch of dudes but, also walked a bunch of dudes.  He never found control on the mound.

Because of his high walk rate, Adkins has yet to make it to the majors.  He was last seen pitching in the Reds minor league system in 2011.

Thank you for the free auto, Arno!

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