Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sometimes the Best Trades are Made in Bars

During football Sundays, I sometimes spend my time in a dive bar watching the Oakland Raiders as well as any other games that may affect my fantasy team.  The bar I go to is dark, kind of dirty, it is just the type of place that I should be watching a Raider game at.

Before the kickoff, I usually eat a cheap breakfast, wash it down with a beer and discuss the Raiders with friends that I watch the games with.  But, recently, I made a baseball card trade at the bar again.

This was a great trade.  I already was there to watch football and drink beer but, I also left the bar with some sweet cards.

I traded my buddy an extra Johnny Podres auto that I had.  We had worked out a deal a long time ago and now it has finally been completed. 

I have been picking up some cool graded cards recently.  I haven't ever gotten a card graded but, I have some in my collection.  This is a cool Frank Howard 1963 Topps card graded out to a 7.  This was just a bonus part of the trade.

This was the big ticket item of my second bar trade.  This is a jersey auto of hall of famer Enos Slaughter.  I hope to get more autos of hall of fame guys.  Well, I guess every collector wants to get a bunch of autos of hall of fame players.  So, that is not unique.

I love the way an old school jersey card looks.  This is a very flashy card.  I hope to make more trades in a dive bar on Raider Sundays in the future.  So, keep checking back because there may be another one in the works.


dodgerbobble said...

Love the Enos Slaughter auto. Great pick up!

Play at the Plate said...

I haven't been in a bar in nearly 20 years. Things have changed!