Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"O" Yeah, Trade Post Time

I currently have stacks of cards on my bedside mantle.  The stacks have never been this big before.  This is a good and bad thing.  The good is that I have tons of baseball cards.  The bad is that I have to take the time to catalog and put them in there own resting place.

The stacks are separated by trade bait, computer catalog, and straight to binder cards.  I also have a growing stack of commons that I put in boxes based on year and set. 

I also have a bunch of trade packages that I have to sift through.  I have already opened all of them to see the awesome cardboard that people send me.  Now, I just need to write a post about them.

Posting about the trades is a fun project for me.  I don't view posting as a chore.  Sometimes I feel that actually putting my cards away is a chore.  I just wanted to inform you guys on the state of my collection.

Newly married Ryan "O" Another Orioles Blog, sent me a really grand trade package a few weeks ago.  I sent him a Cal Ripken Jr. GU and he sent me a slew of cards that fit my PC.  One of those cards that he sent me is a classic early 90s Upper Deck card of Fernando.  I love the triple photograph displaying Fernando's wind-up. 

Here is a 2005 Bowman Gold Kurt Suzuki card.  Suzuki is looking mean.  He is trying to intimidate me with this photo.  Suzuki is a mad dog just waiting to attack.  I must make sure that I keep this card safe or else he may jump out of this photo and smother me in my sleep.

These retro mini game used cards that came out in the 2011 Topps Lineage set, may be my favorite part of the 2011 collecting season so far.  They have a 70s coolness to them and they are mini!  Mini cards just look better to me.  This card also contains a piece of jersey worn by Ian Kinsler.

Kinsler is repping the Texas Rangers in the World Series that is currently being played.  Kinsler is one of the reasons that I am rooting for the Rangers to beat the Cardinals.  Despite my last statement, I hope the Cardinals win the next game because Game 7s are the golden game of sports.  I am pulling for a Game 7 Rangers victory because of the excitement that will bring to baseball.

Adrian Beltre is another reason why I'm rooting for the Rangers.  Beltre is probably the best fielding third baseman that I have ever seen.  I lived outside of Philly in the 90s so, I got to see a lot of Scott Rolen also.  I give the nod to Beltre because he fielded the hot corner in Doyer Blue.  I am biased.

This is the best Beltre GU that I have.  I love the low serial number and the enlarged jersey piece that Upper Deck crammed in there.

Ryan also sent along a card that fits into my faded Dodger prospects PC.  Joel Guzman was supposed to be a stud coming out of the Dominican Republic.  He did look like a ball player.  Guzman was tall and lean.  He had the body type that scouts probably said he has room to grow. 

Guzman never panned out in the big leagues.  Guzman was given a big bonus by the Dodgers back in the time when the Dodgers actually tried to sign top teens from the Dominican. 

This card has a piece of jersey from the Futures Game.  Ryan was nice enough to send this to me because I may be the only guy to appreciate a Joel Guzman card.  Except, maybe for Guzman's mother.

Thanks for the trade,Ryan! 

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Ryan H said...

I'm glad you liked the cards! I'm up to my neck in post ideas, but haven't been able to get around to doing any of it the last month.