Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Godfather and Graded Goodness

Trading baseball cards with a fellow Dodger fan is the way to go for me.  I feel better about myself when I know that the cards I have sent will help out with a Dodger fan's want list.  The joy of helping out another Dodger fan is an added perk to trading online. 

Night Owl is the Godfather of Dodger card bloggers.  I thought I should reintroduce that, just in case I have any new readers.  If your new to the blog world check out Night Owl's blog.  You will be entertained on a daily basis and you may even be inspired to start your own blog by reading his. 

I love getting graded cards that have no business ever getting graded.  I can't imagine what was going through the sucker's mind that sent this one in for grading.  This is just the type of card that I love acquiring in a trade.  There probably aren't too many 2000 Bowman Draft Chin-Feng Chen Graded 8.5s out there.  This makes this card a little more rare.

This Chen card also fits into my failed Dodger prospects collection.  Chen was a power hitter in the Dodgers minor league system but, couldn't handle major league pitching.  Chin-Feng Chen cards will be placed alongside cards of Andy LaRoche and Karim Garcia.

I also wish that you had to turn in an explanation every time you send in a card to get graded.  You would have to write out the reason why you think it is a good idea to get a specific card graded.  Some possible used explanations could be for future investment, its your favorite player or team.  Then if the graded card ever turns into a poorly made decision, the explanation sheet would give the card a good back story.  The explanation sheet could travel around with the card like a certificate of authenticity does for autographs.

Night Owl was kind enough to send me this 2004 Cracker Jack Mini Paul LoDuca GU.  Retro cards plus mini plus game used equals awesome!  This card was an unexpected gift from Night Owl.  The generosity in the blog world is off the charts. 

Gypsy Queen has just disappeared.  I am not sure if I will ever open another pack of this set.  I really enjoyed it this year.  But, I haven't seen a rack pack at Wal-Mart in months.  I haven't even seen many in trade packages or at the card shop.

This is a green bordered Matt Kemp from 2011 Gypsy Queen.  I am looking forward to the end of the baseball playoffs so, I can see if Kemp gets named the MVP.  I am totally confident that Clayton Kershaw has the Cy Young locked up.  Bu, when it comes to Kemp, I am not so sure about his MVP bid.  I am pulling for him though.

Here is another one of those quickly vanished Gypsy Queen cards that luckily appeared in my trade pack from Night Owl.  This is a cool action shot of Kurt Suzuki tagging someone out at Fenway Park.  I should have stocked up on cards from this set when they were available.  It is a collector's blunder that I will try to make up for.

Thanks for the trade,Godfather.  You once again sent me a solid variety that I appreciate very much.


cynicalbuddha said...

I know what you mean I love picking up late 80's early 90's graded Robin Yount cards. Really someone paid to have a 1990 Fleer Yount graded? Fail but hell I'll take it for 99 cents sucker. And your right the town of Gypsy Queen is nothing but tumbleweeds, except at the LCS where packs and boxes are so expensive I laugh at the thought of buying it. Sorry 10 bucks for a pack of Gypsy Queen are you insane??!!??. And like 200 bucks a hobby box. There's not that much goodness in there.

night owl said...

I haven't seen Gypsy Queen since at least June. I wasn't collecting it, so it's no big deal, I just wanted a shot at some of those framed parallels.

Glad you liked the cards!

dodgerbobble said...

Classic post!