Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trading With A Dude That Runs A Hall Of Fame

Tim from The Great Sports Name Hall Of Fame is a very easy guy to trade with.  I just mention that I have some cards that he will like and pick a few off his extensive trade list and the deal is done.  We exchange very few emails back and forth when trying to get a trade going.  Very simple.  Just the way I like things done at the Platter.

I also enjoyed a simpler time in my life.  That simple time was my childhood.  Mike Piazza was a Doyer.  Pauley Shore was releasing movies.  I also was easily entertained by the wrestling organization formerly known as the WWF.

Tim had some WWF Action Packed cards from the 90s.  I saw them on his trade bait list and had to request that these get sent my way.  These cards are golden and embossed.  Awesome!

I have mentioned on this blog several times about how much I love the 90s.  Cards of Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels is more proof that the 90s is the king of all decades.  Razor Ramon was a favorite of mine as a child.  He dominated opponents with his greasy hair and gold chains.  Razor Ramon would then finish guys off with his signature move, the Razor's Edge. 

Also, Shawn Michaels had a cool mullet. 

Andre the Giant is a wrestling legend in most circles.  But, in the world of Spiegel, Andre the Giant is an acting legend.  Andre the Giant was in a movie called The Princess Bride.  It was one of my favorite movies as a kid along with The Bad News Bears and Major League. 

This card is awesome.  I am so happy to get a card of an actor that was robbed of a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Tim also sent me some cards that feature baseball players.  I guess I will show you some cards with ball players on them as opposed to more pictures of wrestlers and actors. 

Pacific made some really innovative and shiny cards back in the day.  I miss the creativity that the 90s card companies gave us.  This card will be considered vintage someday.  It is a lot different from what is considered vintage now.  What will they call cards that are vintage now when a 1993 Pacific card becomes vintage?  I say "they" because I may not be alive when a 1993 Pacific card becomes known as vintage.  For the record, I am a heavy smoker and love red meat.

Kirk Gibson had a good run with the D-Backs this year.  Luckily, they failed in there quest to getting a title.  My head may have exploded if in back to back years, a divisional opponent won the World Series as the Dodgers sat at home and watched.

I have never seen this 1987 Topps set called Boardwalk and Baseball.  Does anyone have any info on this set?  Once again, I came unprepared with information for this post.

Rudy Meoli?  I have know idea who you are.  I would just like to say congrats on growing a sweet mustache.

Thanks for the trade,Tim!


SpastikMooss said...

Glad you liked the stuff Chico! Always a pleasure trading with you as well.

dodgerbobble said...

Cool stuff!

I can watch the Princess Bride anytime it's on. Great movie, and Andre is hilarious in it.

Colbey said...

How did I not know about those Action Packed WWF cards?!