Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trade Post from the Quarry!

Johnny from Cards From the Quarry, and I have made a handful of trades together.  I send him some Rockies and he sends me some cards to my liking, which is mostly Dodgers.  Since Johnny is a big time Rockies fan, he has no problem sending me some Dodgers.  He has a weekly post regarding a blaster break and I check it out and see if I need any of what he's posted and then he sets them aside for me.  He busted some packs of 2009 Upper Deck Icons.  I really like the look of this set.

Aki Iwamura played on the Devil Rays when they made it to the World Series in 2008.  Yes, I still call them the Devil Rays.  I just like that name a little better than the Rays.  Anyways, I got to meet Iwamura before the 2009 season.  I was in Arizona for my annual trip to watch the Dodgers in spring training.  My family and I were dining in Scottsdale and were waiting outside for a table.  I look over and see Iwamura with a couple of his boys.  Iwamura was smoking a cig and waiting for a table also.  I mentioned it to my mother since she is a big fan of all Japanese ball players because as Japanese Americans its kinda a source of pride that the old country plays big league baseball.  She then went over to talk Iwamura's ear off while we waited to be seated.  He was very polite and signed an autograph for us.  Surprisingly we got seated before him and his party despite him being a pro ball player.  That shocked me.  I think that all pro ball players should get the royal treatment.  He was a very nice guy that listened to my mom chat with him before we went inside and then even when we saw him after our meal on the sidewalk.  Ever since them I rooted for the guy because he didn't act rudely to my family.

Here is another sweet Icons card that Johnny sent me.  Bills has been putting up some solid numbers during his Dodger career.  I don't think he gets enough national or local credit for the numbers he puts up.  He is a very solid number two that a lot of teams wish they had.  Maybe this is the year that some of his detractors switch over to rooters and stop hating on him.  The Dodger fans that don't appreciate him need to show him more respect.  He deserves better.

Ichiro!  Ichiro!  Ichiro!  Great name, great ball player and a current legend.  I don't think he will ever retire.  He may be patrolling Safeco Field into his late 40s.

Yooooouuuuuk!  Kevin Youkilis is a player that I have a minor PC going on.  I don't really seek out his cards because he plays in Boston.  But, I try to look past the uniform and appreciate the way he plays and his bad ass facial hair.  As an LA sports fan, I was programmed to hate the Giants and the Celtics.  I don't even watch the NBA but a lot of people I know including my parents are big Lakers fans.  So, since the Celtics play in Boston hence, I root against Boston sports teams.  Sorry Boston collectors.  I'll still make trades with you though.

Thanks again Johnny.  Please check out his blog.  He is a great guy to trade with.  Here is his link again: Cards from the Quarry

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hiflew said...

Glad you liked them and I look forward to our next trade. Look for my post about yours soon.