Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Blog In Town

My name is Michael Spiegel.  I'm an avid fan of the Dodgers and those are the cards that I collect for the most part.  I also collect Ryan Braun, Ichiro, Ian Kinsler and Kurt Suzuki.  My collection mainly lies in the realm of current cards.  There's not too much vintage in my collection and I have way too much junk wax.  My main collecting needs as far as Dodgers go are Hideo Nomo, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier, and Mike Piazza.  I'm talking Mike Piazza on the Dodgers.  Whenever I see cards of Piazza in another uniform, it just depresses me and makes me think of Fox ownership and Bobby Bonilla.  So, please if your going to trade with me keep Piazza cards in any other uni to yourself.  I collect all types of Dodgers but the four that I mentioned are apart of my main focus.

This blog is founded on the love and admiration of the Dodgers and specifically Hideo Nomo.  Nomo was a beast in the 90s for the Dodgers and also had some good years in the 2000s when he came back to LA.  He was a strikeout king and even pitched a no-hitter in Coors Field pre-humidor.  This blog should help me pay thanks to the man that gave me a lot of great moments in my childhood.  This blog should also help me take my Dodgers and player PCs to the next level.

My blog thus far is a work in progress.  I'm kind of a caveman as far as computers go so, it may take me awhile to add all the bells and whistles that I see on other card blogs.  Some of the bloggers that I have been trading with have been kind of pushing me to create a blog and I have finally listened.

I will be adding some want lists and have lists over the course of this week.  I will also have a trade bait page to let other bloggers know some of the "hits" I have to offer.  The theme of this blog will revolve around the Dodgers cards as well as some non-Dodgers cards that I cherish.


Fuji said...

I"m a huge Nomo, Ichiro, and Kurt Suzuki fan... look forward to checking out your posts. Best of luck!

Spiegel83 said...

Thanks Fuji! You made my first comment. Congrats!