Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2009 Goodwin Champions Blaster Break Trade Bait!!!

The other day I saw a blaster of 2009 Goodwin Champions on sale at my Wal-Mart.  I had to jump at the chance to open some packs of this product.  The cards are really cool looking.  I love retro sets and this is one of the good ones.  I kept a lot of this set and also put some aside for Julie from Things are Funner Here.  So, as I will do with my box/blaster breaks is only list the stuff that I have for trade.  So, here is what I got left, dig in and lets make some trades!

For Trade:
David Price RC #148
Adrian Peterson #94
Albert Pujols Upper Deck 20th Anniversary
Alfonso Soriano #95
Bill Showron #13
Brian Roberts #63
Carlos Zambrano #117
Chase Utley #100
Chuck Liddell #70
Cliff Lee #144
David Wright #72
Dustin Pedroia #121
Ivan Rodriguez #80
Jamie Shields #103
Jason Varitek #78
Jay Bruce #39
Joe Carter #48
Joe Lewis #84
Joe Mauer #76
Jonathan Paplebon #122
Laird Hamilton #129
Matt Holiday mini #110
OJ Mayo #24
Prince Fielder #137
Ryan Ludwick #149
Tim Lincecum #108

As you can see this set has minis!  I only have one for trade right now as I kept and have already set aside some of the other ones.  I also thought that some of the non-baseball cards would annoy me as they sometimes do in retro sets but, adding a running back is pretty cool. 

Chuck Liddell was once one of the biggest bad asses on the planet.  I'm glad that he was included in this set.  He was one of the fighters that took the UFC to the next level of popularity.  To the point where non-fight fans knew who he was.

I love this card of Chase Utley.  Well not enough to keep it.  But, the cloud and the sky behind makes him like he plunging down from the heavens.

 Here is another card that has a heavenly look.  Joe Mauer is playing in the clouds.  I guess some of the cards that I'm showing is the opposite of Night Owl's night cards.  Maybe there will be a segment on the Platter of daytime cards.  You know, I live in LA and it's always sunny here.

This is a rookie card of David Price.  This guy seems like the real deal.  He's a lefty that can throw hard and has a good breaking pitch.  Leftys that have that skill set can last a long time in the bigs.

Once again, everything that I have listed and have pictured are up for trade.  This was a fun blaster to break, I hope Wal-Mart gets more of these in the future.  Also, has anyone bought a hobby box of this?  What's the price range on those?

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