Saturday, February 2, 2013

It May Be Real

Remember back some months, when some dude was selling the card companies fake jerseys that the card companies were putting into "game used" cards?  Do you also remember that some of the card companies knew that these jerseys were fake but, were in such a rush to move product, they bought the phony jerseys anyways?

A lot of the blog world was up in arms over this scandal.  It was a tragic case of greed and criminals entering our beloved hobby.  This incident along with the vague wording on the backs of relic cards have forever tarnished the market value for these so called game used cards.

On occasion, I still buy a relic card.  The prices have plummeted and spending more than a few bucks for one is out of the question.  I also only purchase cheap ones of players that I really like and am building a massive collection in their honor.

Johnny Podres is my favorite Brooklyn Dodger.  He delivered in the 1955 World Series by dominating in a Game 7 victory over the Yankees.  This card even mentions his 1955 World Series MVP glory just below a piece of off white colored jersey.

As far as potential fake jersey cards go, this is a pretty good one.  I may believe that this one is real.  The cloth looks aged and at least stained in tea.  The fraudulent jersey salesman may have even rubbed some dirt on this jersey before selling it to Upper Deck for a good profit.

I like how the scammer put forth the extra effort to try and make this swatch look 1950s old.  Upper Deck probably paid a premium for this one.  Some relic cards of older players, look too modern.  The jerseys may look like the same material that current players are wearing.  This Podres card looks well worn and may be real.

If it is not real, it is a card from one of the better cheats to do business with Upper Deck.  It is better than some of the lazier criminals Upper Deck have made purchases from.

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