Sunday, February 19, 2012

26 Cent Fuji

The name 26 Cent Fuji would work great for a rapper.  The rapper would be a Japanese dude of below average height and speed rap skills like Busta Rhymes.  26 Cent Fuji would also get critical acclaim from music writers for his debut album.  The rapper would also be mildly popular for the summer season.

But, this post isn't about fictional rappers.  This is a trade post to give thanks to some great bloggers.

My first trade with 26 Cent Summer was a great success.  Matt is the dude that runs the blog and posts about the Kansas City Royals.  I sent him an Aaron Crow Auto/GU and he sent me this Maury Wills GU.  The piece of jersey looks to be a grey wool.  The card also states 100% Authentic several times on the front of the card.  Upper Deck just wanted to let there customers know that this is legit.

Matt also sent along this 2011 Topps Ichiro.  This card looks to be the Topps flagship base set from 2025.  This card has a sleek, futuristic look.

I also can't stop thinking about random life plots for the fictional speed rapper, 26 Cent Fuji.  26 Cent Fuji grew up listening to 90s rap.  He did so by having the only portable Sony Mini Disc player ever purchased.  26 Cent Fuji was able to find mini discs on the cheap of such 90s stars as Dr. Dre, Coolio and Skee-Lo.

I have a minor collection of Albert Belle going on.  He was a bad ass slugger in the 90s.  I watched a lot of games featuring some of the good Cleveland Indians teams of the 90s.  Belle could hit a line drive through an outfield wall.  The dude was ripped and always looked pissed off.

Fuji was kind enough to send this one my way.  He is currently looking for some old school A's from the 70s and prior.  He is also looking for some random Giants such as Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey.

Here is a flashy card of Tomo Ohka.  This flashy piece of cardboard fits in nicely to my Japanese ballplayer collection.

26 Cent Fuji would also have a thin mustache like the one that Ohka has on his baseball card.  26 Cent Fuji would get the idea of growing a mustache after seeing Kurt Russell's mustache in "Tombstone".  Sadly, the mustache doesn't make 26 Cent Fuji look tough like Wyatt Earp.

Another Ichiro to add to my collection.  Ichiro may have the most cards of mine that are waiting to be cataloged.  Nomo was ahead of him but, I cataloged and put a bunch of those away.  This week's goal is to get some Ichiro cards sorted out.

Thank you to both of you for the cards.  Also, thanks to both of you for inspiring a fictional rap star.


Dodgerbobble said...

SkeeLo. Nice.

Cool cards. I'm really digging that Maury Wills.

Fuji said...

somehow missed this post... glad the cards arrived safely.