Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nice Signature, Greg Brock

When I send out a TTM request to a ballplayer, I am always nervous about what I will get in return.  That is if I even get a return.  I am nervous about the quality of the signature.  Will the signature look faded?  Will the ink smudge on the back of the other card?

These are the things that I think about once a TTM envelope leaves my house.  I even hope for the right color ink.  The right color is blue for Dodger signatures.  Every autograph collector, hopes the player signs in there team's colors.  The Phillies fans hope for red, Cubs fans hope for blue, and the Marlins fans hope for turquoise.  Or whatever the Marlins colors are now.

Greg Brock has a great looking signature and he used the right color ink.  The ink on the "K" is slightly off but, autographs look good on 1985 Topps cards.

Brock was a beast in the minors.  He seemed destined to be a star in the big leagues.  Dodger fans in the early 80s were probably thinking that this guy could step in and take the place of Steve Garvey.

In four consecutive minor league seasons, between 1979-1982, Brock's home run totals rose every year.  His home run numbers were impressive in the minors.

1979: 16
1980: 29
1981: 32
1982: 44

The 1982 season took place in Albuquerque, which I hear is an extreme hitters park.  44 home runs is still impressive.  Brock never went on to hit more than 21 long balls in a major league season.  He still went on to play 10 seasons in the big leagues, spending time with the Dodgers and Brewers.

The 1984 Donruss set is very nice looking.  I will need to find more Dodgers for this set.  1984 Donruss also looks swell with a signature on it.

Thanks to Greg Brock!

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Stealing Home said...

yeh i remember always hoping brock was gonna be better than he actually was.
i know wat you mean about smudgy autos - my orel TTM was smeared, but i still treasure it.