Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dodger Gwynn

The blog world will probably get filled with a lot of Spring Training autograph returns very soon.  I hope so anyways.  Some bloggers are mailing out a lot of autograph requests through the mail.  I am included in that group.  I haven't sent out a bunch of TTM requests to Spring Training before.

I hope the blog world and I will succeed to getting a bunch of returns this spring.  I sent one out last week and already have gotten it back.  This envelope was mailed out on February 14th and was in my mailbox on February 18th.

I started out getting autographs through the mail a couple months back.  I did so, in part to make use of my Dodger dupes and unwanted cards.  My adventure in autograph hunting certainly made use of all the random junk wax, I have lying around.

Like this random 1992 Score Chris Gwynn, it was in my Dodger dupes and unwanted box, just being ignored and stored away.  Now, after Gwynn was kind enough to sign it for me, is going to reach top loader status.

Gwynn's signature looks a little different on this 1988 Score card.  On the Score '92 card, his signature looks shorter and this orange creamsicle card looks to be his full name.

I have never noticed an athlete doing this before.  Is this common for a ballplayer to sign his name differently from card to card?

Some of the more experienced autograph hounds in the blog world should know the answer to that question.

This is my favorite Chris Gwynn card.  He is sweating bullets after dominating the Giants.  Gwynn was legging out triples and stealing bases like a madman.  The man needs a towel and some gatorade.

Gwynn is now a scout in the Seattle Mariners organization.  I sent him a letter to the Mariners Spring Training complex in Arizona.  Just a heads up to anyone that is sending out letters this season.

Thank you, Chris Gwynn!

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RJ said...

If I had to guess, he signed the middle card full name signature for you and then saw you had sent 3 cards and cranked out his shorter sig for the other two since they're the same signature. Some players have like 3 signatures depending on what the item is/if they like you.

Peter bourjos at the start of the 2011 season did a ttm for me full name with an accent mark of the end of his last name. In person I've only seen him do the accent mark on the game used jackie robinson day jersey of his I got signed before a game and on huge photos/paintings. Even ttm signatures I've seen for him are the same as his shorter in person signature but not the same as the full nice one he does.