Monday, March 14, 2011

Things are Funner with Fuji Trade Post!

The first part of the trade post is a package that I received from Julie over at the great blog Things are Funner Here.  Julie and I continued our record setting trading agreements.  I send here some Phils and Nats, she sends me some Dodgers and various PC cards.  We have made several trades together and she never disappoints me.  This time she sent over an awesome stack of Dodgers, mixed with a little Ichiro, a dash of Ryan Braun and a Reggie Jackson insert from 2011 Topps.  The Reggie Jackson is in an A's uni, which is a good change of pace because he is usually only seen in a Yanks uni.  He had success in Oakland too, Topps!  Here is a sample of the gems that Julie sent me:

This is a card from 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Johnny Podres.  Podres will always have a special place in Dodger lore as he beat the Yanks twice in the 1955 World Series.  One of the victories came in Game 7.  I tip my Dodger Blue cap to you, Mr. Podres. 

Here is a classic 1989 Topps Bill Bene.  I love this photo.  That is a great stache' and messy hat hair that just screams ball player.  This card was also in excellent condition almost like Julie just pulled it from the pack.

This card is a great action shots of former Dodger Dave Roberts.  I'm sure that he just robbed a Giant of an extra base hit.  I always believe that when a card captures a Dodger making a diving play that they must have just stolen a hit from the hated ones to the north.  Great play, Dave!

This is a 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Hideo Nomo.  Upper Deck used to make some great cards.  This card just looks like pure class.  I don't necessarily miss Upper Deck, they kinda sucked the past couple years, but I miss another company competing with Topps.  I just want more options.  That's all.

I also got a package in the mail today from my boy Fuji.  He included this card which may or may not look like him.  In my mind this is exactly how Fuji looks.

Fuji also sent me this Paul LoDuca Bat Relic.  LoDuca, for a brief few years, made me forget about the awfulness of Todd Hundley and Charles Johnson.  LoDuca was a joy to watch as a little guy with tons of heart and hustle.  Check out Fuji's blog for a good read and a great trader here, Chronicles of Fuji.

Thanks for the trades my fellow bloggers!!!!!!!!

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Fuji said...

Congratulations on the start of your new blog... and thanks for the trade. Btw... that's exactly how I look in real life... lol... just ask my students. They say it looks just like me. I have a different version (with the same avatar) that I hand out to them.