Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shot Not Taken=Awesome Trader!

Ray from Shot Not Taken, is a great dude.  This is the first trade that him and I have made together and he blew me away.  I sent him a David Wright GU and a Hisanori Takahashi X-Fractor and he sent me a lot more than that in return.  He sent me not one, but two Ryan Braun rookie cards! 

He sent me more than I asked for because I am a new blogger and he was showing me the generosity that goes on amongst the community.  Shot Not Taken must be the welcome wagon of the collecting world.

Here is a nice Upper Deck Diamond Collection GU of LA's home run king, Eric Karros.  It's also numbered to 775.  Karros appears to be getting a good secondary lead because he is about to score from second on a base hit to right.  Karros now does some TV work for Fox and locally on KCAL9.  He is a decent analyst but, makes up for it with a great head of hair. 

Ray also included a jersey card of JD Drew.  He is listed as a Red Sock but pictured as a Dodger.  It seems that Upper Deck does this a lot.  It does make the card appeal to more collectors I guess.  Drew is also the first robot to ever play for the Dodgers.  He was a productive player but, often seemed bored and had zero personality.  He was a robot that was not programmed to have any fun.  This is my first Drew relic card for my Dodgers PC.  Thanks,Ray!

You didn't think that I was going to end this trade post with JD Drew, did you?  No way!  JD Drew is not a show stopper at the Platter.  This is another Upper Deck card where two teams are featured.  Gagne was one of my all-time favorite Dodgers.  He was a beast.  Great fastball, great secondary pitches, cool hair, goat tee and he came out to "Welcome to the Jungle."  Besides his steroid use, the biggest regret that I have about his time on the Dodgers was that he didn't get to be on many great teams.  He was only on one Dodger playoff team in 2004.  I hope the Dodgers will give Gagne a job someday.  Gagne really enjoyed his time in LA and may be able to offer some help to the team someday. 

Thanks again, Ray.  Please check out his blog.  He made me so happy today when I opened the bubble mailer that he sent me.  There are so many great people in the blog world and Ray is one of them.

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Anonymous said...

There were a bunch of bloggers that were very generous and helpful when I first started blogging and I am just passing it along. The blogosphere = awesome!! : )