Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Game Used Trade Bait Post!

I am here to announce Nomo's Sushi Platter's first trade bait post.  This is a grand day in the history of this blog.  I feel this makes me an official member of this community by showing off some trade goodies.  This post also breaks up the boring "Haves Lists" that I have been adding.  I'll take a little break from those and try to actually get some trades done.  Take a gander at what I have for trade below, please.

2008 Upper Deck Freddy Sanchez GU
First up is a game used jersey of Freddy Sanchez when he was a Pirate.  I never would have thought going from the Pirates to the Giants would be an upgrade.  Because as a Dodger fan, I believe that being a Giant is the worst possible thing one can become.  But, never the less, Freddy became a World Series Champion by becoming a Giant.  Sanchez grew up a Dodger fan in Burbank,CA.  His family has probably disowned him by now.

2008 Allen and Ginter Manny Ramirez GU

Oh Manny, how much I loved you in 2008.  You came to the Dodgers and dominated.  You helped them win the division and were such a beast in the playoffs.  How far you've fallen?  Maybe just maybe there is a collector out there that would enjoy this card. 

2010 Allen and Ginter Adam Jones GU Bat

Adam Jones is a player that I don't get to see much.  But, he seems to be a player on the rise.  He has speed and emerging power.  Jones may end up on my fantasy team this year.  I expect him to break out this year in Baltimore and hopefully he'll light up some Yankee pitching.

2009 Upper Deck Rickie Weeks GU Jersey

Next up on my list of trade bait is a card of Milwaukee's Rickie Weeks.  He just signed an extension this year for tons of cash.  I don't know any Brewer fans so, I'm not sure how they feel about this.  Maybe there are some Brewer collectors out there that would like to take this card off my hands and place it in there collection.

2010 Allen and Ginter John Danks GU Jersey

This is another Allen and Ginter relic that I have for trade.  I love the Ginter cards.  I can't wait until they make a return in 2011.  I don't have much to say about Danks.  Guys that play in the American League are kinda foreign to me.  I know there names, what teams they play for and if they are good or not.  I just don't watch them play too much. 

2010 Sweet Spot Matt Forte Dual Jersey

Football?!?!  Who put a football card in here?  Oh yeah, I did.  I don't collect too many football cards.  I casually collect Raider cards but, as you can see this is a Matt Forte card.  I got this card in a group break on Blogtv.  Blogtv is a great site to get in on group breaks.  It's a cool way for the community to get together and pick up some nice cards.  I don't mind getting in on a football break because a lot of people collect football cards and there relics seem nicer than some baseball ones.

2010 Gridiron Gear Jay Cutler 3 color GU Jersey #'ed/50

The last card that I'm showing off today in the hope that someone will trade me something, is another card that I picked up in the aforementioned football group break.  I know Cutler is persona non grata in Chicago right now after his "injury" or injury depending on what you believe, but this is a really cool card none the less.  It has 3 colors in it! 

This concludes the Platters first trade bait post.  I hope you guys enjoyed the read and hopefully you saw something that you may want to trade for.  Please leave a comment below or send me an email.  


cubsfan731 said...

Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for adding me on your blog list of team collectors. I'll add you on my blog roll.

Greg Zakwin said...

Cutler patch. No idea what I have to offer to a fellow Dodgers fan, but I shall find something.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Loved the UD Sweet Spot set. Cool Forte (although I loathe the Bears).
Good luck with the blog.

Spiegel83 said...

Greg, let me know what you have to offer. I'll set the Cutler aside for you. Thanks for the support Sewingmachine!