Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steve Garvey is Still a Cool Dude

I haven't been to many Dodger autograph signings throughout Socal this season.  I have missed some and have worked too many weekends to enjoy a free signing.  One of my favorite parts of the free autograph sessions that some current and former Dodgers commit to, is the social factor.  I enjoy rolling to a signing, usually with Dodgerbobble, and meeting some other Dodger autograph hounds.  I get to hangout for hours and talk baseball.  Conversations range from the weather to autograph stories good or bad, and also gives Dodger fans the chance to vent about the awfulness of Juan Uribe.

A couple days ago, on Saturday, Steve Garvey was appearing at a Discount Tire Center in Studio City.  I am glad that a signing was being held more on my part of LA.  It gives me a little bit of a break from driving far south or east.  I would say west but, I avoid the west side of LA at all costs.

This event was super smooth.  When Dodgerbobbble and I arrived we were given a number and wristband immediately.  We didn't have to sit in line for a couple hours in the hot sun.  We got a number and that is where our position was in line.  That allowed us to chug energy drinks and get breakfast.  Discount Tire Center also had many booths and free giveaways set up.  We both won a free pizza and they handed out bottles of water as well.

I totally dig this signed Smokey the Bear card of Steve Garvey.  This card was released in 1987.  It is a little bit bigger than most baseball cards.  The size reminds me of some Bowman cards from the late 80s.  I am also a fan of this card because not too many of these are probably autographed by one of the coolest Dodgers ever.

Garvey had the skills to hit homers, dodge the taxman, and mess around with countless females.  He was a well rounded ball player.

Garvey rolled up to this event about 15 minutes late.  In ball player time, he was perfectly punctual.  He pulled right up to the front of the line in a clean looking Mercedes-Benz while wearing a dress shirt and slacks with a nice pair of Ray-Bans on.  He looked like a star.  That was a grand entrance and the type of entrance that I feel most current Dodgers should have.

Roll with flair like Garvey!

That is my new motto. 


Dodgerbobble said...

Smokey the Bear card was the coolest item there. Those radio guys were crazy.

gcrl said...

Garvey! Nice cards. Wish I could hit one of those events with you guys.