Friday, July 20, 2012

Spanning The Decades

Recently, I was going through my trade packages in order to sort and catalog them.  I picked up a bubble mailer with Napkin Doon written on it.  This package was from must contain some great cards from Napkin Doon.  Sure enough, the cards that I sifted through were awesome.  The package was a wide mix of cards from the 70s to the 2000s.

I am still trying to fill some gaps in my 70s Topps Dodgers team set pursuit.  Many of the cards that were inside that bubble mailer will fill some of those gaps.  That will give me some work tonight to binder and catalog those cards.  I love the kind of work where you don't get paid to do it, but you fully enjoy your night.  The work that pays you is usually more of a chore and aggravating at times.

Part of the slew of 70s Dodgers that were included were these two here.  Ron Cey is taking some hacks in the batters box.  It must have been great being a Dodger fan in the 70s and watching Cey mash doubles and homers.  It sure beats Juan Uribe.

The Dodgers beat the Mets tonight by a score of 7-6.  I am super thrilled that the Dodgers started off a long road trip with a victory.  What makes me a little down on this win was having the displeasure of watching Uribe have one at-bat.  He pinch hit and flew out.  Just looking at him pretending to be a big league ball player made me slightly ill and I hope I don't have to call out of work tomorrow.

Hey, a Hideo Nomo card on a blog named after him.  Woooo!  This probably needs to happen more.  Nomo was a great strikeout pitcher.  He was also a great guy for sports photographers.  Nomo made a great baseball card.  Tons of his cards were produced throughout his career.  His ability to become a baseball card superstar is one of the reasons he is so fun to collect.

This Raul Mondesi relic must have been the centerpiece of our trade.  I am unsure but, this card is so sweet that I must have sent something top notch to Napkin Doon for it.  This card leaps to the top of my Raul Mondesi collection.  Mondesi is one of the past Dodger stars that I don't have cataloged on Microsoft Excel.  I am unsure how many Mondesi cards I have but,it is probably quite a few.

Nomo, Piazza and Kemp may be the top three.  Mondesi may be top five on my list.  The 90s produced a ton of cardboard so, the 90s stars will always rank high.

This card has a game used bat and is super shiny.  That puts it at the tops of the hill of Raul Mondesi cards in my collection.

Does anyone have a certified auto of him for trade?

Napkin Doon writes one of my favorite blogs.  His posts about the auctions at his local shop are a fun read.  He seems to find some interesting cards for great prices.  Also, be sure to check out his posts on the All-Star game activities that he partook in.  

Thanks for the trade!


night owl said...

I don't have any certified autos of Mondesi either.

I don't have all my Dodgers cataloged, but if I ever get done, I'm sure the top players will all be '90s guys. As of now, I have the most of Nomo, Karros and Green. But I haven't yet totaled up people like Mondesi and Piazza (which very well may be the most)

Napkin Doon said...

Always enjoy trading with you, and glad you enjoyed the cards!