Monday, June 25, 2012

Rallying Back

It has been awhile since I have typed up some words at the Platter.  I also have cut down on my card buying significantly.  I still have a lot of trade packages to scope through and there are still stacks of cards on my bedside.  That is the reason for not purchasing many more cards.  I have so many that I still need to box, binder and enjoy, sitting right next to me.

The best way for me to get back in the habit and mood for blogging is to write something up that I am most passionate about.  A part of blogging that I dig the most is building trade partnerships with people thousands of miles away.  Night Owl and I seem to always set cards aside for each other.  We send bubble mailers from California to New York about once a month.

There have probably been a handful more blogs that have popped up since my last post.  Some of you may be new readers at the Platter.  Just to get the new guys acclimated to my blog, I collect all types of Hideo Nomo cards.  That may be obvious from the title of my blog.  This is also a Dodger themed blog.  I collect Nomo in any uniform including his stint in Detroit.

I remember asking Night Owl to set this card aside for me several weeks or several months back.  He has many trade partners, I have no idea how he keeps track of all his card swaps.

I love shiny cards of Dodger hall of famers.  This card features a young looking Don Sutton.  I am so used to seeing Sutton with a curly 'fro that is shocks me that he didn't always rock the curls.

Sutton must have started growing a clownish style of hair as he progressed through his hall of fame career.  He must have done so, to hide his big ears.

I have a signed version of this Frank Howard card.  The signed version has a Topps Heritage feel and is an on-card autograph.  This shiny one is sweet though.  I wish the shiny version was signed also.

The Dodgers need a player like Frank Howard right now.  The 2012 Dodgers need a big, hulking, right handed hitting first baseman.  I am sick of watching James Loney bat.  I am also sick of seeing the 2012 Dodgers line-up loaded with lefties against left handed pitching.  Give us a righty Ned Colletti!

Hell, get Frank Howard back in the batting box.

Great card of Cy Young winner, Clayton Kershaw.  This is when he was repping Team USA as youngster.  Kershaw probably knew even back then that he was going to become a beast Doyer.

The Dodgers start a big series against the Frisco Giants tonight in about and hour.  Night Owl will probably be watching the game thousands of miles away.  Viva Los Doyers!

Thank You!

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night owl said...

I have a difficult time watching the Dodgers in Gnatsland. Too much cheering for a team that makes me throw up.

Good thing I'm at work and can't see it.

(Hey that didn't sound right).