Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why Do I Own the Things I Own?

I love having the energy and enthusiasm to write a post.  Sometimes, the drive I get for typing words at the Platter is when the Dodgers get a victory.  The Dodgers completed a 3 game sweep today over the Mets in New York.  The Dodgers won 8-3 in 12 innings thanks to a clutch hit by back up catcher Matt Treanor.

That is a great way for the Dodgers to start off a road trip.  Having a good road trip should go a long way in shaping GM Ned Colletti's mind on how many prospects he should dump to try and win now.  St. Louis is next on the schedule and that will be a good test for the Boys in Blue.

Vin Scully for the most part doesn't broadcast games outside of California.  The broadcasting duties for a huge chunk of the schedule is given to some ESPN or Fox announcers on the national broadcasts and the other option for Fox Sports Prime Ticket is Eric Collins and Steve Lyons.

The Lyons and Collins duo do most of the television announcing on the Dodger road games.  Lyons seems to make unintelligent comments about the game of baseball.  He seems too lazy to do research and relies on the things he observed as a player.  I prefer announcers who know about the current players that the Dodgers are playing against.  I only get to watch the Dodgers play the Mets a handful of times a season.  I would like some new, informed info on someone like Lucas Duda.  Lyons needs to make me a smarter baseball fan, which he fails to do.

I hope kids don't listen to Lyons speak on television and believe what he is saying is baseball gold.

This card was traded to me by Dodgerbobble in one of our many swaps.  Dodgerbobble probably told Steve Lyons how big a fan he is of him.  Then thanked him and quickly got in touch with me to trade it to me.    No Dodger fan is a fan of Steve Lyons.  Dodgerbobble lied to Lyons but, got the job done.

Now for some reason, I am going to keep this card in my collection.  Lyons may have been a bum of a ball player and a terrible announcer but, he does have a nice signature.  He also added his nickname "Psycho".

Collectors are weird.  I am one of those odd dudes that has signatures of people that I make fun of.  I mock them yet, collect objects with their photo on it.  We are a strange bunch.  I hope some of my brethren in the blog world also have autos of players they clown on because I wouldn't believe I am he only one.

I am not sure sometimes, why I own the things I own?


night owl said...

Steve Lyons is a typical Fox hire. Find someone goofy, who says something that a certain demographic thinks is funny, and then hope all the yukking it up prevents everyone from noticing that he isn't saying anything informative or interesting at all.

Fox sports makes ESPN look intelligent.

Dodgerbobble said...

I want Eric Collins auto now!