Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Goods From The Card Shop

I made a trek out to my local card shop today.  I had the day off from work so, spending some time hanging out in the card shop sounded like a good idea.  I cruised threw some traffic on the 101 freeway to make it to Valley Sports Cards in Tarzana,CA.

Going to the card shop is great.  I probably don't need to tell you guys that.  It's a great place to talk sports and baseball cards.  Now only if they served beer....

Not only did I talk some Dodger baseball and crack some Frank McCourt jokes but, I also picked up some cards.  I won this 2011 Topps Pro Debut Garrett Gould auto off of the bid board.  Gould is a Dodger minor league pitching prospect.  I was able to get this for $1.50.  I thought that my bid was kind of low but, it won! 

I like how Gould makes his G's.  He signs them in proper cursive as opposed to the G's I write which is part cursive part block lettering.  This card could become a steal of a deal if Gould ever makes it to the big club. 

I also opened up some 2011 Topps Chrome baseball packs.  I was excited to see if the cards still have a warped bend to them.  Luckily, the cards lay flat this year.  I was pleased with my four pack purchase except for the fact that I pulled no Dodgers.  I at least got some sweet trade bait.

I pulled two Heritage Chrome cards #ed/1962.  One is of White Sox rookie reliever Chris Sale.  The other is a card of some dude named Derek Jeter. 

The Jeter card show go quick.  I also don't like the smile on his face or the way he is looking at me.  Please take this card off my hands!

I was happy to see some gold gleaming from the pack until I saw that it was a card featuring a Giant.  This card is #ed/50.  I may put this card on the bid board for a nickel.  I may also let my cat use it as a chew toy because she loves gold.  My cat is all class.

This card is definitely available for trade.  Please let me know if your interested.  It won't take much to get this Matt Cain card out of my house and stuffed in a bubble mailer to send to a faraway land.

Digging in the dime box at Valley Sports Cards is a lot of fun.  I spend a lot of time searching threw cards of all eras.  They have cards from the 60s to 2011 stuffed inside a bunch of 5000 count boxes.  I pulled these 2007 Allen and Ginter Sketch cards for trade bait.

These cards remind me of the Diamond Kings that I used to pull back in the day.  I know Dick Perez has been drawing ball players for a long time.

Today was a fun day off.  The card shop is a grand place to spend a day.  If you are ever in Tarzana,CA, stop by the shop.  The staff is super cool and the prices are reasonable.


night owl said...

I don't have any card shop near here that resembles anything that you experienced.

Play at the Plate said...

I wouldn't normally trade for a Giants card, but I'm trying to pull off a deal with a Giants fan and I could use some bait. That Matt Cain gold would go far if I can pry it off you.

Spankee said...

I'm still pulling cards for you (that's a lie, really I've been lazy), but I wouldn't mind taking those two A&G sketches.

arpsmith said...

If the cain is still available, drop me a note at arpsmith at cox dot net and i am sure we can work out a deal.