Friday, April 12, 2013

Carlos Quentin is Garbage

Last night's Dodger game was just plain craziness.  The most surprising aspect of the game between the Dodgers and Padres was Juan Uribe hitting the go-ahead home run in the 8th inning.  Uribe being a Dodger hero, just for one night at least, was a shock to me and probably most Dodger fans as well.  The second most surprising aspect of last night's Dodger game was a scumbag named Carlos Quentin charging the mound after getting plunked by Dodger starter Zack Geinke.

The Padres were down by a run in the 6th inning and Quentin was leading off.  The count was full and Greinke ended up hitting Quentin.  Instead of Quentin realizing the game situation, he took the beaning personal and thought there was some purposeful intent on Greinke's part.  Quentin charged the mound and a brawl ensued.  Greinke ended up breaking his collarbone in the scuffle because Quentin charged into him like a wild animal.

This is very bad news for the Dodgers.  Greinke is the team's second best starting pitcher and was pitching a solid game last night before the dumbest man from Stanford decided to take a run at him.  Greinke will probably miss at least a month and Quentin should receive a lengthy suspension.

This doesn't hurt the Padres as much because their aspirations this season is a 70 win campaign.  Now, without Quentin in their line-up for a period of time may put the Padres at 68 wins this year.  The Dodgers are geared for a playoff run and are contenders for a division title.  Losing Greinke for several weeks will hurt the Dodgers and their playoff chances.

I was really at the point last night, of writing an even angrier and meaner post.  I just wanted to rip into Quentin and slam the entire Padres organization.  I am glad that I was able to sleep off some of my anger before writing up a post about the assault that Quentin committed.  My anger has subsided slightly this afternoon.  It will never completely disappear.  Last night's game has made me hate the Padres for the first time in my life.  I usually relegate all my baseball hatred to the Giants but, I guess I had a little extra hate in the tank to shift some over to the second tier franchise in San Diego.

Who knew that any baseball fan can actually feel animosity towards the little guys from a beach town?  Padre fans probably never knew that a rivalry was actually part of the game of baseball.  Now they should know that, pending on if Padre fans have any passion for their team or not.

The Dodgers and Padres meet again at Dodger Stadium early next week and the place should be a madhouse.  I really hope Quentin plays in the series so, he can hear some verbal abuse from the rowdies in the outfield pavilions.

Before the Dodgers play the new hated ones, they travel to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks.  Clayton Kershaw is on the mound tonight and will look to dominate.  These green looking cards were sent to me by Roy from Plain Gray Swatch and I dig the the color scheme on these cards.

They both remind me of apple flavored jolly ranchers.  When I get doubles of these cards, I will bite into one just to see if they taste like sour apple.

Seeing cards of Kershaw, makes me a little happier and slightly less angry.  If Kershaw dominates tonight and makes the D-Backs look like chumps, then I will feel even better.

This incident between Greinke and Quentin will make me feel bitterness for awhile.  This brawl does give me a new found hatred of the Padres.  It also makes Quentin a new villain in Dodger lore.  Welcome to the scumbag club of trash, Quentin.


Roy-Z said...

I wouldn't get too upset at the Padres org. I mean, they didn't tell Quentin to charge. Must've been the valley fever.

night owl said...

Quentin has lowered himself to Gerardo Parra and Matt Williams level.

Stealing Home said...

That was quite venomous. LoL

Backstop Cards said...

So many things for this Padre fan to comment on, but I'll leave it at this:

Any Padre fan worth their salt has always hated the Dodgers. I remember telling my friends in elementary school that beating the Dodgers was more important than winning the division. To this day, my best baseball memory is the Padres sweep of LA in the last series of the '96 season to win the division.

The Padres don't have a rabid fan base by any stretch, and for LA, playing in Petco Park is almost like a home game (or a least a neutral site) since there are so many fans that come down.

But don't be fooled, the REAL Padre fans have hated the Dodgers much longer than you've hated the Padres. We've got the "little brother syndrome", since your main rivalry is with SF. I'd rather that the rivalry be sparked by the intense competition rather than a guy who's played less than 100 games for the Friars roughing up a fragile pitcher who has hit him intentionally before and taunted him after hitting him again., but we're probably a few seasons and a few $100 million from seeing that.

Hope ZG recovers quickly, would've preferred that CQ just take his base. As much as I dislike the Dodgers, I'd rather the Padres beat them on the scoreboard than literally on the field.

Arno said...

Stanford jerks.

Fuji said...

Wait does that mean we can't be homies anymore?

That sucks about ZG. I know he didn't try to plunk CQ... but they've had a history and I'm sure that was in CQ's head when he decided to walk towards the mound. Don't get the wrong idea... not saying I condone CQ's actions. He's 86% at fault in this situation. I've gotta give 14% of the blame to ZG for motioning and saying whatever he said to motivate CQ to charge the mound.

And I've gotta agree with Backstop Cards. I've never liked the Dodgers... but of course I've never held it against you, Night Owl, or GCRL.

If it helps... I hate the Giants a little more than I hate the Dodgers.