Saturday, November 10, 2012

Highly Collectible

Since this is the collecting off season, it gives me a chance to look back on some of the cards that have entered my collection.  Today, I was able to flip through my binder of current Dodgers and appreciate the cards that were added this past season.  Topps seemed to do a pretty good job capturing great photos of Dodger players in 2012.

I decided to pick some 2012 Dodger cards out that I think non-Dodger collectors will eventually pick up and add to their collection.

I skimmed through some of my non-Dodger binders to look for cards of players that I don't collect but, I still kept around because the card looked cool.  Some of the 2012 Dodgers that I picked out fit in the "look cool" category.  Bloggers tend to save cards that they enjoy just for the appearance of the photo on the cardboard.

This is the only David Wright card that I have in my National League binder.  I have kept it due to its awesome, leaping action shot.  Their are probably some other bloggers out there that have also held on to the beauty from 2010 even though they don't collect cards of New York Mets.

I am not a Tony Phillips collector but, this is the type of card that I must keep.  I believe I found this in a dime box at a card shop.

This card is great on so many different levels.  I should probably list them to make this an easier and more pleasant read.

1.  Phillips looks slightly confused and dumbfounded that his picture is being taken at a baseball stadium while he is in uniform to play a baseball game.  This should be the place that Tony Phillips would most expect to get his photo taken by complete strangers.

2.  His mustache/'fro combo.  Makes for a good baseball card all the time.

3.  The beer league quality of the Oakland A's uniform in the mid-80s.  The Oakland franchise was on the verge of some glory years with Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.  I hope by then that they were able to buy jerseys in some place different than a back alley in China Town.

4.  Phillips is signing a baseball for a fan.  I love seeing athletes do this when I am at the ballpark and seeing it captured on a baseball card is sweet as well.

The photography in the 1971 Topps set is superb.  This Art Shamsky card is one of my favorite cards that I own from the 70s.  Shamsky appears to be flinching at a pitch coming towards the plate.  I love the angle that the photographer captured this image from.

I maybe own only one other Shamsky card.  This card still found a way into my binder because it is a classic card featuring a ballplayer that I know little about.

So, what Dodger cards from 2012 will be kept by non-Dodger collectors because they look cool?  This Dee Gordon caught my eye as a candidate.  Chipper Jones makes a cameo on his way to being a part of a double play.  Chipper will be remembered years from now, so future collectors will find it neat that he showed up in a card of some dude named Dee Gordon.

This is one of my Dodger cards from this year.  I wish Gordon will have some success at the big league level just so, Topps can keep making fantastic baseball cards of him.  Oh yeah, and his success will help the Dodgers win baseball games.

Hate the player, don't hate the card.  That is what I always say on daily basis.  Ask anyone who knows me.

Adam Kennedy is a bum.  Every Dodger fan agrees with that statement.  Kennedy had a decent career but, his 2012 Dodger season was pathetic and he actually got 201 plate appearances for the team.

This card is great though.  It perfectly captures day time baseball in LA.  The sun is warm, palm trees are seen beyond the outfield walls and Adam Kennedy is playing for the Dodgers.

This card is probably already collected by non-Dodger fans.  I could see some bloggers holding on to this A.J. Ellis card.  Nick from the famous Dime Boxes blog probably has several different versions of this card.  Dee Gordon with A.J. Ellis in a headlock is almost a must for any baseball card collector.

I believe this card has the best chance out of 2012 Dodgers to be collected in the future because it captures a great celebratory walk-off win.  This card will also probably be blogged about 20 years from now by some kid that can write circles around the lot of us.

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