Friday, November 9, 2012

Hall of Fame Centerpiece

My Dodger card collection has skyrocketed since I started this blog in March of 2011.  The number of Hideo Nomo cards in my possession has jumped in numbers as well.  Both of those occurrences are to be expected.  The Platter is Dodger dominant and is named after Nomo.

Obtaining more Dodgers and Nomo cards was my main goals when I first started out blogging.  The other aspects of my collection has also seen an increase such as the number of hall of famer cards that reside in binders and boxes for the hits.

I didn't intend to start collecting players in Cooperstown when the Platter began.  I just couldn't resist collecting the legends.

I tried to collect legendary Giants players such as Willie Mays or Juan Marichal but, that lasted about a minute.  The uniform makes them seem like bad people.

Cards of Giants players are much more appreciated over at the blog run by Arpsmith.  He loves the Giants and I love sending him cards of players like Brian Wilson.

As far as my hall of fame collection, I can tolerate every other team.  The Dodgers little neighbor to the south, the San Diego Padres, are okay by me.  A manupatch featuring Rickey Henderson is more than welcome to my collection.

This was the main element of the trade between Arpsmith and I.  I don't own many cards of Rickey as a Padre.  I have a ton of his cards as an Oakland Athletic.  One of these days I am going to dedicate a post to Rickey because not only was he a baseball superstar, he is also a cardboard superstar.

That deserves a post at some point.

My first card of Hanley Ramirez in a Dodger uniform!  This is probably the first of many Hanley cards that will find a spot in my collection.

The 2012 Topps Update Gold card is scratched off my list, now if only I can track down the base card now.

Koji Uehara has great sideburns.  His sideburns are better than mine.  I have to tip my hat to him.  Uehara is also a free agent.  Ned Colletti will probably off him a 3 year deal worth 12 million bucks.  That is how Ned rolls and I will be cheering on Koji.

Thank you for the trade, Arpsmith.


arpsmith said...

You are very welcome. I actually collect Rickey and picked that up as a dup. I too should have a post dedicated to him in the near future.



TTG said...

"People, they ask me 'Rickey, how you steal all those bases?' I tell 'em 'Rickey gets on'."

Roy-Z said...

Dude! I have the Hanley base card. I will stick it in your package (awful wording) when I finally get it out this week - I grabbed about 10 Doyers from 4 rack packs of they can hang with you.

I also saw that Rickey on ebay or COMC the other's awesome. But at the same time I had to think: "Rickey was a Padre?!"

Roy-Z said...


Koji = Toyoto from Revenge of the Nerds.