Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adding to my Wants

The freeway traffic to get home, from the card shop I frequent, was awful.  I should have expected it because people are either fleeing LA to spend the holidays with their family or people are arriving in LA to spend time with their families.

It took me about an hour and a half to get home this afternoon.  That is almost triple the time it normally takes.  The trip was worth it though.  I was really excited to pick up some of the cards that I won on the bid board.  The shop's bid board ends on Tuesdays so, Wednesday is pick-up day for me.

Before I show you some of the cards that I purchased from Valley Sports Cards, let me ask my readers a question.  While driving the freeways of LA, I noticed that when traffic is moving slowly and you are in a tunnel, people just start honking their horn repeatedly for no apparent reason.  This happens often and I partake in this activity of honking my horn while slowly crawling through an overpass.  Does this happen in other cities?  Do people beep their horn while waiting in a tunnel in other parts of the country?

It is fun to do this and see the joy on people's faces while they honk their horn obnoxiously.  I recommend this type of behavior.

This is the card that had me trying to rush down to the card shop.  This is my second Hall of Fame auto from this year's Panini Cooperstown set.  I picked up a Fergie Jenkins signature from this set last week and you may check out that post if you want.

This time around, I am lucky enough to have been the highest bidder on this Andre Dawson autograph.  This signature is on-card and features Dawson's mean looking face.  I will probably be tracking down more of these signatures from the Cooperstown set because they are reasonably priced and the checklist is top notch.

I have also officially decided that I am going to go after some of the insert sets in this product.  One of the sets that I am going to try and complete is called Voices of Summer.  This insert sets includes some Hall of Fame broadcasters.

The Red Barber is the only one that I have so far.  I have updated my Set Needs list that is up top on the Platter's toolbar.

I picked up a few packs of Cooperstown today as well as paying for my Dawson auto.  One of the cards that I pulled was this card of Exposition Park in Pittsburgh.  The "moment in time" photography of this Ballparks insert set is really grand.  This photo makes you feel like you are watching a baseball game in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Ballparks set is also on my list to complete.  If any of you kind bloggers can help me out, that would be awesome.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, blog world!


arpsmith said...

Dang, you outbid me on that Dawson. Congrats, it is a very nice card.

Nick said...

I really need to find myself a few of those "Ballparks" inserts.

A happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

jamicfin said...

I live in L.A. of sorts (Lower Alabama) and we have a tunnel that people honk in spontaneously.
One such participant was an 18-wheeler right beside me, thought my car was going to explode. Haha.

Dodgerbobble said...

I picked up five packs of this today. You can take whatever you need from my small stack except for the Bowie Kuhn/599 that I pulled.