Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sinking Into A Bad Habit

If you are forming a poor trait, isn't one of the first steps to bettering yourself is to admit you have a problem?  You would have to notice a bad situation in order to solve it.  The bad habit that is becoming a part of you must be spoken about and solved through discussion.

So, here I am to admit a bad habit that I have acquired.  It is a terrible blogging issue.  I have become a bad trader.  I write up trade posts before I even send a return package.  I have become that guy.  The guy that waits and procrastinates about sending out trade packages.

I need to work through this.  I am sorry for the nice people of the blog world that haven't into the same habit as me and send out their trade packages in a prompt manner.

Not only am I admitting my trading problem so, I can get back into better trade practices, I am also here to show off some cardboard.  The Daily Dimwit made a trade with me and I still have some cards for him sitting on my desk.  They will go out soon.

The Daily Dimwit sent me this Matt Kemp black refractor.  I haven't seen this parallel yet.  The card isn't as shiny as some of the other refractor parallels.  This card will probably get the top left corner of a 9 pocket page.  A brighter version of this card will get the middle pocket.

Framed relics always look sweet.  The frame adds some class to a piece of fabric.  This card will also look nice to get signed.  A lot of  open space on the card surrounding the cloth.

What is Kenji Johjima up to these days?  I know I can just Google this but, I am curious to see if someone just happens to know this.  For all I know, he is the assistant to the traveling secretary for the Seattle Mariners.

Some trade packages have already been sent out.  Some will be on their way soon.  Once again, I am sorry and I promise to get better.


Play at the Plate said...

I read this and I thought you were calling me out. I've been having the same problem. Nice Kemp!

jaybarkerfan said...

I think he is still playing in Japan.