Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seeing Something New

Some bloggers have discovered something new to the card collecting customer.  I read on at least two blogs that a certain sighting has been made.  I thought this was just a story, a myth or some sort of urban legend.

There was one constant that was at card shows, flea markets and local card shops.  Prices of cards have gone up and down over time but, the dime box always had a pleasant spot in our community.  Every collector has spent time digging through a dime box.

The urban legend that a couple other bloggers have witnessed is a new thing called a nickel box.  I have never seen, heard of or quite frankly, even thought of a nickel box.

I haven't been to my local card shop called Valley Sports Cards in about a month.  I rolled in there a couple days ago and saw the dime box turn into the nickel box.

The owner of the shop told me that the cards in the dime box were now only a nickel.  The myth of the nickel box is a fact.  I am now one of the few that got a chance to dig through one.  This advancement for card collectors is hopefully sweeping the nation.

I was able to get this awesome Keith Hernandez Ralston Purina card for only a nickel.  Hernandez was a MVP winner in 1979, had a cool mustache, a two time world champion baseball player and was a guest star on one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes.

For those with more knowledge on the subject, was Hernandez a better ball player or actor?

This beauty was also found for a nickel.  Mike Schmidt is holding some awards and rocking a manly beard.  Perfect moment in time photo for Fleer.

One of the awards that Schmidt is holding is for Most Grizzled 1981.

The nickel box also gave me a laughing Charlie Hough on a 1979 Topps card.  Hough appears to be taking a photo right before pitching in a township league game in the middle of the forest.  Hough played so long in the league that he looks really old on most of the cards I own of him.  It is good seeing that at one point he looked middle aged.

I hope every blogger gets to have a grand nickel box experience.


Nick said...

Gotta love those nickel boxes! Nice finds, that Schmidt is especially cool!

arpsmith said...

I have to get up there to Valley Sports Cards again. I have spent a little time digging through those and now they are half price I am going to have to do another deep dive.

night owl said...

No nickel boxes. No dime boxes. No card shop that has vintage cards (or even any cards that you can just leaf through).

You gotta be TOUGH to live in the Northeast.

(Speaking of which, Hernandez is known more in the Northeast for his broadcasting, rather than that Seinfeld appearance -- and he was a heck of ball player).

Jeremy said...

Nice Fleer Schmidt card. I think Hernandez was pretty good as an actor, considering he is an athlete. I think he was a better ball player though.