Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minor PC Addition

As I try to get more trade partners, I am going to be adding or subtracting players listed under the section to the right called "Minor Collections."  Every now and then you will be able to see a new player or subject that I am currently collecting.  This will add new trade offers and more of a chance to trade with some of the many bloggers out there.

This addition is going to be of a former Dodger that I find myself still rooting for.  That player's name is Adrian Beltre.  He is a slick fielding third baseman with a strong arm and some pop in his bat.  Beltre is a player that I collect no matter what uniform he is wearing on his card. 

This is the only auto that I have of Beltre. I am on the lookout for some more.

This is the only bat relic that I have of Beltre.  I really dig this one because of the LA stamp on the piece of wood.  I think some collectors don't like an imprint put on a relic.  But, I like it because it adds some uniqueness to my collection.

See, I told you that I am seeking Beltre cards in any uniform.  This is a 2011 Topps Beltre GU jersey where he is pictured as a member of the Red Sox. 

Here is a blue piece of jersey.  This is a hybrid card where Beltre is photographed as a Doyer but is stated as being a Seattle Mariner.  I like getting some color on the jersey even if the card company can't pick a team for Beltre to represent.

I am mostly looking for autos or GUs of Beltre.  I would like to boast my small collection of his.  Please send me an email or comment and we'll work out a trade.

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