Monday, July 11, 2011

Mike Scioscia and Mark Trumbo Signing

I made a weekend trip to enemy territory in Irvine,CA to meet Mike Scioscia and Mark Trumbo.  They were appearing at a Howard's Electronic Store.  Luckily, Josh from Dodgerbobble was willing to make the long drive to Orange County.  I hate driving to Orange County.  It is just super far from my place and there is enough freeway that there is bound to be traffic.  Thanks for the ride, Josh!

I wasn't sure how many people were going to show up to this event.  I haven't been to an Angels gathering before.  There were tons of people there.  We showed up about four hours before the scheduled signing and we were still hundred people behind the front of the line.  I think that since Scioscia was signing and he is an ex-Doyer and current Angel that he probably draws a big crowd in SoCal.

The line was moving slow.  Which, wasn't such a bad thing in hindsight because Scioscia and Trumbo were talkative and taking photos with the fans.  The wait and all day commitment gave me time to crack some jokes at the expense of Angel fans and Orange County.  I don't really have anything against the Angels other than there stupid name.  They change the name of there geographic location and color scheme every few years or so.  Pick a name and stick with it!  I was also saying some meaner things but, I won't put them in print.

Mark Trumbo has been on a tear this season, so I have been told.  He also seemed like a nice guy.  I am a fan of retro cards and they work great for autographs.  Even collectors that aren't fans of the retro set have to agree with that. 

After we got our autos we checked out the line and it was deep.  There were hundreds of people in line even after the first hundred had gotten signatures.  It was a fun day in Orange County which may be the first time I ever said that.  There should be some Dodger events closer to my home that I will be attending.


Dodgerbobble said...

Good times!

Your Trumbo auto looks good!

Anthony Hughes said...

As a native Orange Countian and lifelong fan of the Angels, I want to take offense, lol, but I agree. Sick of the stupid team name changes. Should have just left it at LA Angels from the get go. California was unnecessary, Anaheim uniform changes was just plain embarrassing, but the worst - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the stupidest f*in' team name ever! But just know, Mr. Dodger fan, that when the Dodgers were awesome and the Angels were a AAAA team, just know how much we looked up to you and admired you. We loved playing you every spring for the freeway series. We never hated you. And now, we want you to regain your place over the stinking Giants and meet us in my ultimate World Series, Dodgers v. Angels!