Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looking For More

It has been awhile since my last blog post.  It has been around three weeks since my readers have had the honor of glancing through my typed words.  Now I just need to remember how to type properly for your brief enjoyment.

Over the past few weeks during my blogging hiatus, I have been organizing my cards, purchasing lots online and compiling cardboard that I am stuffing into 3200 count boxes.  Those were at least the activities that I was doing that are card collecting related, of course.

I am setting up a table at a card show in Culver City on May 18th.  So, I have been stocking up on cards to sell at the show.  This was a totally different mindset for me.  I am usually not one of those collectors that buys boxes or autographed cards of minor leaguers with the intent of flipping the cards for a profit down the line.  This was a very different kind of seek and buy mission.  I had to think of what cards that some customer would want to purchase from me.  I feel that I have made some good buys online and I hope that will make my card show selling experience a money making success.

If you are going to be in the LA area on that day, stop by and say hello to your blogging brother.  The admission is free which is a huge plus for the consumer.

Enough of the buying to flip card acquisitions, it is now time to show off some of the good stuff that will stay in my collection.  I haven't just been buying cards with others on my mind, I have still been trading a bit.  I made a trade with Scott Crawford On Cards and I am pretty sure the trade talks began on Twitter.  I also believe that may make this the first time I have used Twitter as a form of trading communication.  I will get the Platter fact checkers to see if that is true.

A vintage Johnny Podres card will always fit nicely into my collection.  It was fun going through a bubble mailer with the joy of looking at cards that were going to stay in my grasp.  Buying for the show was getting tiresome at points because I kept seeing cards that I would like just for myself.

Trades with bloggers don't have that problem at all.  A blogger sends you some baseball cards and you usually get some sweet ones that you will cherish.  This Podres card fits the bill.

It is an honor for a Dodger pitcher to wear a blue glove.  Wearing a blue glove while playing for the Dodgers seems to be a tradition that I love pointing out.  Pedro Martinez was one of the first Dodger players that I remember rocking the blue mitt.  When did players start wearing gloves to match their team colors?

Some other Dodger players that have worn the blue glove like Pedro were Carlos Perez, Vicente Padilla and Pedro Astacio.  These players as well as many others have worn that glove with pride.  Pedro also has the right idea going with the bigger, outfielder's mitt which will better serve him on comebackers.

This Pedro card lists some of his minor league stats on the back.  They were quite impressive and you could see the numbers were dominant.  It made me kind of depressed and I will avoid showing the back of this card to save the despair for other Doyer fans.

 To not end things on a sour note, Scott sent me this snazzy Jackie Robinson insert.  Jackie is surrounded by refractorness qualities with another image of him at the plate in the background.

This card will spruce up a 9-pocket page in my Brooklyn binder.  The most recent Jackie cards that I have gotten have been of the more bland looking Gypsy Queen type.  Flashy Jackie is much better than the Dullard Jackies' I have added to my binders recently.

Using Twitter to get a trade going worked out well. I will have to try that again someday.  If I have some cards leftover after the card show, then I will have some nice trade bait to get some deals going with the blog world.  Hopefully, my pile of unwanted cards will be lighter after May 18th.

Thank you for the trade, Scott and sending me some cards that will never be flipped for profit.

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Swing And A Pop-up said...

I used to do shows in the early 90's. It can be a lot of fun. Good luck.