Sunday, September 16, 2012

Selling Advice

I store all my trade bait cards in a box with penny sleeves.  These cards are mostly inserts, parallels or serial numbered cards.  They aren't even separated by team or set.  I dig through this box every time I make a trade with a fellow blogger.  This is the first box I flip through in order to build a trade package.

Some of the cards that I have in this box have sat there for weeks or even months.  I really hope none of these cards have sat there for over a year.  That scenario is possible.

I remember getting this Michael Morse parallel out of a pack of 2012 Topps Archives.  I opened those packs when Topps Archives first came out several weeks ago.  This Morse has been sitting around waiting to get sent out.

I don't know too many Nationals collectors.  That is a shame, the Nationals are playing good baseball and this stoned looking Morse photo would look great in a binder.

The purpose of this post is to ask my fellow bloggers for advice on selling on the Check Out My Cards website.  I have signed up and created a profile.  I have read through the different plans that they have to process and sell your cards online.

The site intrigues me.  It seems to be a better option of selling random singles that may fetch .50-$1.00 than ebay is.  It also seems like a good place to dump a bunch of cards that I have like this Topps Co-Signers Lance Berkman/Roy Oswalt Blue Parallel #ed/150.

Cards like that just sit around when they may be put to better use being sold to someone.

Is Check Out My Cards a site where I should sell cards like this Billy Hamilton?  Is it worth my time to put a bunch of inserts, parallels and serial numbered cards on the site?

I know I am talking about making a minimal profit with some of the caliber of cards that I want to send in.  I am not foolish enough to think that I would get $20 bucks for a stoned Michael Morse parallel.  I am looking to create some space and build up store credit.  So, then I can buy my own low end cards that fit my collection.

Star power sells better.  I am sure that is the same on Check Out My Cards.  I will be sure to send them some stars that will be sure to sell quickly.

What types of cards do you guys send in?  What type of cards do you guys avoid sending in?

The cards that I have shown are a sampling of what I am looking to sell on Check out my Cards.  A green parallel of Zack Greinke from Bowman Platinum should sell for around .50 to someone.  That would add up after a while.

I am thinking of sending about 100 cards like the ones above.  I don't have too many "hits" that I could sell.  How does autos and game used cards sell on Check out my Cards?

How many cards do you guys usually mail in per a shipment?

What are some of the positives and negatives to selling on Check out my Cards?

Please help me out with some of my questions.  Your input will affect my decision in whether this is a route in which I go.


Cardhobbyist said...

I like selling on COMC mainly because it takes away the hassle of selling on ebay. You dont have to scan your cards or worry about shipping, customer service, etc.

Just do a little research on each of the cards you are looking to send in to see what price other sellers are listing them at. If you can sell a card for more than 50 cents, it's probably worth sending in. If you see a card with a lot of competition or its price is lower than 50 cents, don't bother. It's a bonus if you have a card that isn't listed on the site since you will set the original market price :)

I wouldn't send in any super nice auto's/gu cards mainly because you would get quicker turnaround on ebay. But low end gu's and auto's are good as well as inserts and parallels (if COMC isn't already flooded with that particular card)

I sent in about 1000 cards (separate batches) and have sold over $300 dollars worth. I don't cash out (to avoid the fee) and just roll that money over to send in more cards or buy some singles for my personal collections.

Basically, I wouldn't use COMC unless you are looking to roll your sales into purchases for your personal collections or perhaps a blowout cards certificate.

SpastikMooss said...

I completely agree with ch's second paragraph. I compared everything I wanted to put on the site to what was already there, and I only sent in stuff that was either the only card of its kind or where there were only one or two cards that were priced above what I'd accept. I.e. if there were two cards with a BV of $10 and the lowest was priced at $7, I sent mine in and listed it at $5. I wouldn't send anything in that has other copies priced $1 or lower.

Also, have some patience. I didn't, and all my stuff sold quick, but that was because I hyped it up a lot on Blowout, accepted every single offer, and lowered my prices pretty quick. If any card of yours lasts 3 months, you then have to pay 1 penny to store it. In the grand scheme of things 1 penny is...well...1 penny, and I wish I had thought of that instead of lowering prices to move stuff because I bet I would've gotten more coin that way!

Also, COMC used to have a deal where you could get $20 off processing on your first shipment. See if that still exists, as that would definitely help you out on your first shipment!

Trying to think of negatives for the site...non really for me. Everyone always says the cash out fee, but I did the same thing ch did - sold stuff and then just bought new stuff with my credit. If you're doing the same thing then the cash out fee isn't a big deal.

unclemoe said...

Good info in the first two comments. I was kind of wondering the same thing myself. Thanks!


Fuji said...

I too have been debating on dumping a bunch of inserts, parallels, autographs, and memorabilia cards in an effort to buy stuff for the PC.

Thanks Cardhobbyist and SpastikMooss for the info... and kudos Spiegel83 for asking the question.