Monday, September 17, 2012

Entering a Different World

I decided to try something new.  I wanted to try a new form of communication.  The world offers so many ways to stay in touch with people.  Some of the ways are letter writing, email, home phones, cell phones, Facebook, and of course texting.

I needed to try and drop some of these forms.  I wanted to shake things up and reach out to people in a different way.  Facebook and for most of the day, my cell phone, were cut from the list.  By cutting down the ways for people to communicate with me, I added one form to my rotation.

Some spots were open and Twitter was my new addition.  A decent amount of bloggers are users of Twitter and news does seem to travel fairly quickly on Twitter as well.  It seemed that it was about time that I tried it out.  The Platter may be of some benefit by this change.  Losing Facebook as a tool to promote the Platter will be missed.  I am hoping that Twitter may fill some of that void and get some good discussions going about the love of baseball cards that we all share.

This will be the first post individual post that I link to my new Twitter account.  I thought that I should write about a blogger out there that I made my first trade with.  Brad's Blog is a Phillies blog that is fairly new.  Brad made his debut in mid-August and writes a quality post.  He is also a good trader and easy to work with.

Brad's Blog deserves more followers.  Check out his blog and make a trade with him.  Maybe Twitter will help out with some exposure.

Brad sent me this James Loney relic.  I love the framed relics from the Topps 206 sets.  Even James Loney can't screw this card up.

Oddly, even though Loney was a Dodger for several years, I have very few relics or autos of his.  I didn't realize that I took my dislike of him as a baseball player into my collecting habits.  Luckily, Loney cards should be dirt cheap in the LA area after he got dumped in Boston.

Here is a 2011 Topps Update Gold card of Matt Kemp failing at the home run derby.  He was so poor in the past two years of participating in this event that I hope he doesn't try it again in 2013.

Also, when Kemp is in the home run derby, it makes me tune in.  I am not too into watching dudes take BP for 3 hours.

Kemp needs to pick it up in the final stretch of games if the Dodgers want to make the post season.  Or maybe he needs to sit and rest whatever ails him after crashing into a Coors Field wall a few weeks back.

Retro cards are cool and with a dash of new school shine are even better.  The photo was taken by the cages that the Dodgers have at Camelback Ranch, the home to their spring training sight.  I have seen this card in its normal Heritage form and never noticed that before.

I start to follow some of the members of the blog world on Twitter already.  What do you guys like or dislike about Twitter?  I mean this as using it to help your blog or discuss cards.  That is what I am going to use it for.

Has it helped your blogs get readers or promote discussion?  Please let me know.

Once again, go and check out Brad's Blog.  He is a cool dude and Platter approved.

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night owl said...

I think you already have my thoughts on Twitter. Welcome to the twitters! Expect a lot of weirdness.