Thursday, August 2, 2012

The New Guy

I was at the Dodger game a couple days ago for Kirk Gibson Bobble Head Night.  Zakwin from the blog called Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle was also attending the game.  I was a part of his epic card draft that he hosted.  The draft had a ton of cards to choose from and went on for weeks, possibly months.

It was fun to pick some cards that fit my collection or that can be used for trade bait.  The blog world offers many different ways to obtain cards.  Some dudes host group breaks and some folks like, Zakwin, host card drafts.  I recommend any blogger to help a fellow blogger out and join a break that they are hosting.

I met Zakwin outside the Left Field Pavillion at Dodger Stadium before the game.  He had my cards from his draft and some extras that were added as a trade we worked out.  I had forgotten some of the cards that I drafted.  I had also forgotten to bring some cards to give to Zakwin.  Luckily, I remembered to wear clothes that day.

One of the cards that I didn't remember picking until Zakwin mentioned it to me was this Bowman Sterling WBC Relic of Hanley Ramirez.  He had just been acquired by the Dodgers just days earlier.

The card is sweet because it shows him in a non-Marlin uniform.  I am not going to collect cards of Hanley in a Marlins uniform.  I am going to wait until Topps starts pumping out Hanley cards for the masses of Dodger collectors waiting for them.

However, I will try to track down some Hanley cards of him in a Dominican uniform.  Those cards will still fit into my collection.

This is the first Hanley Ramirez card that will enter my personal collection.  Welcome to LA, Hanley and welcome to my collection.


Stealing Home said...

that's awesome cardboard karma, dude. sweet addition.

i was sorting through cards and suddenly a couple of his cards popped up. but he's in a marlin uni. didnt consider keeping them for a second.
they're in a package now flying to a fish fan. LoL

Greg Zakwin said...

thanks again for joining! and glad the Hanley turned into something awesome!