Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hall of Fame Reminder

Several months ago, I started to purchase cards through an e-mail chain.  The seller lists a bunch of cards that he is selling every week.  The selection ranges from high-end vintage to junk game used cards.  I usually pick out a few cards each week to add to my collection.

I have been trying to add to my hall of fame collection.  I love the history of baseball and collecting the legends that have played this game seems like my duty as a fan.  I am 29 years old and recently have seen hall of famers getting enshrined in Cooperstown that I have a vivid memory of watching play baseball.  I also have watched enough baseball over the years that the next several years of hall of fame inductees will be from players that I saw play in the 90s-2000s.  Players like Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson will surely make it into Cooperstown.

I have seen those guys pitch a ton of innings.  I also know how they were perceived by other baseball fans and the media.

I am also curious to see which players that I am currently watching will end up a hall of fame guy.  Derek Jeter will probably be in so, at some point his cards will be in my American League Hall of Fame binder.  That is kind of a weird thought.

This is a 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorbilia Game Used Base card of Roberto Alomar.  I remember watching Alomar play throughout the 90s as one of the better middle infielders in baseball.  He was smooth with the glove, could steal a base and could draw a walk.  His power wasn't a joke neither, as he hit 210 home runs in his career.

Part of learning about baseball is getting to watch the great players play on live television or in the ballparks.  It gives you an appreciation for the skill that the greats bring to the park.  Alomar was a star on on some really good Toronto Blue Jays teams in the early 90s.  The 1993 World Series is one of the first that I have a solid memory of watching while growing up.  Alomar was a beast in that series against the Philadelphia Phillies.  He had an insane 1.159 slugging percentage in 27 plate appearances.

An awesome thing about this card is what is written on the back.  The card states the date that this base was used in a game and even mentions that Roberto Alomar went 0-3 with a SAC fly on April 2, 2001 while playing for the Cleveland Indians against the White Sox.

That is solid and much appreciated info from a card company.

One of Alomar's teammates on the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays was the steady hitting, Paul Molitor.  Molitor is another hall of fame dude that I remember watching hit a baseball.  He was a big part of that World Series winning Blue Jay team as he had a .402 OBP and collected 211 hits during the regular season.

This card features Molitor in a dress shirt and holding a bat.  I will bet one of my toes that this photo wasn't taken while he was about to step into the batters box and take some hacks.  The blue pinstripe is nice and the card has an interesting throwback kind of feel.

I am still trying to build up my hall of fame collection.  I collect all types of cards of players like Paul Molitor and Roberto Alomar.  I am not just looking for hits of past legends but, base cards and inserts as well.

Thanks and I hope this will expand some trades for me in the blog world.


Fuji said...

Have fun & best of luck with this project. A few years ago, I was sitting there wondering what I should do with all of my inserts & parallels that I had sitting around.

That's when I decided to create my HOF insert binder (I often refer to it as my 90's insert binder, because 95% of the cards in the binder are 90's inserts).

Anyways... anytime I come across cheap 90's inserts of HOFers, they go straight into the binder.

Stealing Home said...

go get em, buddy. just bcuz we collect guys like ty cobb and molitor doesnt mean we love our Dodgers any less.

i look forward to trading HOf cards with you in the future. let me know if you decide to focus on some players. i might have some stuff.

sometimes i think its tuff for us to trade Dodgers, since i think other Dodger bloggers already have the same Dodger cards as me.

unclemoe said...

Whoa! That Alomar is cool.