Monday, May 28, 2012

Skinny and Speedy

By the title of the post, you may be trying to figure out what player, I will be discussing today.  Since, you are reading the Platter, you are most likely a baseball fan and/or a baseball card collector.  That narrows the search down as to this ball player.

Some readers may be thinking of skinny and speedy players like Otis Nixon or Eugenio Velez.

I actually hope that nobody was thinking of Velez.  He should never be thought of or mentioned ever again for the history of the world.  That is a special announcement from the Platter.

I recently got a through the mail autograph from ex-Dodger, Juan Pierre!  Pierre now plays for the last place Philadelphia Phillies.  Pierre actually still gets some starts and has 149 plate appearances this year.  Even guys that play left field and have OPSed .657 the previous two seasons get some playing time in the downtrodden National League.

I am happy that Pierre has kept his career going after the Dodgers traded him after the 2009 season.  I wasn't the biggest Juan Pierre fan but, he always played hard.  He had a lot of heart and fight.  His numbers just didn't reflect that.  Pierre had an OPS under .700 for two of his three seasons in Dodger Blue.

My sister was a big Pierre fan.  She may have been the only person in Los Angeles with a Juan Pierre t-shirt.    She would always speak of his greatness.  My sister weighs 100 pounds.  She is a stick figure.  She probably rooted hard for Pierre because they weighed the same.

Pierre is very good at responding to through the mail requests.  I sent out a few cards to him during spring training and he got back to me just last week.  He must have held onto his mail from March and got back to it when he had a chance.  Super nice of him.

Pierre also kept one card I sent him.  I hope he is a collector himself.  Maybe he is the worlds only Juan Pierre Super Collector.

Also, does anyone in the blog world know what Psalm 37 is?  Is that a good Psalm?

Thanks to Pierre for sending me these nice two autos in blue sharpie.

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Dodgerbobble said...

Looks good. I wasn't a big Pierre fan either, but he's managed to stay in the league a long time because he plays a certain way. My boy Dee Gordon could learn a thing or two from Juan Pierre, including how to slap at a ball.

I love the Psalm inscription on the card too.