Friday, May 11, 2012

Piazza and Nomo, Show and Tell

My plan and goal was to whittle down the stack of bubble mailers full of cards.  These cards are from some great traders out in the blog world.  I wanted to post about them before I started to make some new trades.

That hasn't happened so far.  I sent out a couple packages to complete some trades.  I did organize and place some cards into my binders tonight.  That stack of cards was about to topple over.

I was able to tend to my collection tonight because the Dodgers had the day off.  I hate when the Dodgers have an off day.  Some players probably look forward to there days off.  They may spend time with family, recover from an injury, or go on a drinking binge in Old Town Pasadena.

But, for me, the Dodgers off day is terrible.  I don't know how to fill that void of a few hours in my day without a baseball game to watch.

Time to show some Dodgers of my childhood.  The Diamond King seems to come across some promo cards from the 90s.  Some of the cards that he has sent me in our trades were once out of my price range back in the day.

The shiny Donruss Preferred card is numbered out of 1500.  That was considered rare back in 1997.  The set that Donruss is sampling is called "Staremaster."  The set is supposed to be showing a baseball player staring out in a random direction and supposedly Mike Piazza has mastered this.

I am not sure if this "Staremaster" card is only a sample or if it caught on and was in the real Donruss Preferred set.  The set is too lame for me to look up.

Oddly, I am glad to be one of the 1500 people to own this card.  Piazza is Dodger Blue will be in my collection even if he is only staring.

The Diamond King also included some Hideo Nomo cards.  This card is made by Upper Deck in 1996.  At one point in 1996, this card was sold for five dollars.

Times were crazy back then.  Inserts still had monetary value in the mid-90s.  The child Spiegel, in 1996 didn't buy cards that cost five dollars.  That was out of my range.  Current Spiegel, does spend five dollars on cards that are autographed or vintage.  I like this time better.

The Diamond King hasn't posted anything in a few weeks.  I hope he gets back in the blogging mood and we can trade again.  Thanks for the cards!


Dodgerbobble said...

Staremaster...that's hilarious!

On your Dodger off days, you should watch the Lakers get their asses kicked in the playoffs.

The Diamond King said...

I'll be back soon! I been out of town working for 3 weeks! 1 more to go!

Fuji said...

I'm a huge fan of promo cards. I worked at a card shop and put together a nice collection of them over the years. Love the Nomo too!