Monday, November 4, 2013

Super Sized Nomo

I love accumulating items for my future man cave.  I have a wide assortment of mostly Dodger related items that will be on display whenever the day arises and my man cave is established.  The plan of one day becoming a homeowner has been on my mind for several years.  When I have enough funds and a solid job, my future home will have an extra baseball themed room.  Since, that day is not today, the process of hoarding items and dreaming is part of the process.

The dozens of bobble heads, autographed photos and signed baseballs currently reside in my bedroom.  A bedroom is not a man cave.  A man cave is a separate space in one's home reserved for sports watching, beer drinking and a place to view all my showy baseball memorabilia.  The time for the debut of such a space will be here eventually.  It will be a grand sight to see.

A group break was held by the Nachos Grande blog and one of the sets that Chris opened up was 1997 Pinnacle Zenith.  The particular Zenith set was of the 8x10 variety.  The set features extra large versions of the regular base cards from the '97 Zenith set.  I have the regular sized Hideo Nomo version and now I have the super sized 8x10 version.

This is one of my favorite Nomo cards in my collection.  I have just finished updating my Nomo haves list and according to the count on Microsoft Excel, I have over 300 cards of the former Doyer superstar.  The 8x10 version of this stellar photograph will be hanging in my future man cave.

This will also look great signed.  Now, I just need to track Hideo Nomo down once more for that opportunity.  Until then, this glorious photo will have to wait for that day to be hanging on my wall as I drink a Tecate and watch the Dodgers play some baseball on an HD flats screen television.

Any of my readers have their own man cave already?  What are some of your favorite items on display to show off to your guests?


Mark said...

I'm also in the "future mancave hoarding" stage. I ran out of space to display in my office at home long ago, so there are boxes upon boxes of McFarlane figures, bobbles, and pennants, and posters sitting in my parents' attic.

But whenever I finally have the space, it's going to be an awesome display.

Dodgerbobble said...

That's a nice Nomo 8x10. I think we'll have to make another trip to Compton next year to get it signed.

Fuji said...

I'd love to have a room dedicated to my sports memorabilia. Right now my spare room is my office. There's shelves with memorabilia and the walls have autographed photos displayed. But since the big screen television is replaced by a king size desk... I definitely wouldn't call it your typical mancave.

My favorite items are probably my team themed shelves that hold my McFarlanes, SLU's, and bobbles.